Snow go. (unedited)

I have been fortunate enough to witness a unity that I may never see again.  What this unity takes is about 3 feet of snow, blowing wind, and soon to come negative wind chills.  Also involved is a snow emergency, a few cars, and fellow Minneapolis citizen’s with shovels and good spirits.

It’s the holiday season everyone knows this and I am sure most can appreciate a little teamwork to make things easier for all.  I get sick of people always putting other people down, trying to make that person’s life more difficult, we are all here for the same reason. What that is I have no clue; make money, reproduce, get educated, anything you want it is what it is. I dislike Narcs and spies trying to critique what I do and trying to find flaws to point out as though they lack those very same tendencies. I felt there was a lack of compassion for other people in the community.

When I moved up here I though that Minneapolis, at first, was a bit of a cold city and I didn’t feel that there was much peer love, or whatever you call it.  I got my car stolen, I get my credit card stolen, I didn’t get the parking situation and all the money people make off of sheer human mistake.  This was not a small town.

Yesterday I went to work thinking I would have the same day I always have.  Boredom, maybe get told I am doing something wrong, I try, and then b.s, work, then home.  I didn’t realize there was a blizzard coming until my friend told me.  I guess about two feet of snow, 25-30 mph winds, and freezing after that.  I drove to work it was hard to see at seven am.  I got into the parking lot and listened to a few more songs before I got on my feet and out into the cold before I get to work.  Work flew by I had a great time.  I clock out and into the parking lot I go.  I had a touch and go conversation as I leave about hating snow with some coworkers.  The snow is blowing and I could hardly see the highway about a half-mile out from the front of the store.  I walk to my car.  I jump in and I realize I am fucked.  Snow everywhere.  The back of my car is blown dry by the wind, the front of my car is covered probably four feet of snow on the front and it is connected to a land-island in the parking lot.  The drive home was nuts.  I haven’t seen many people stuck in the middle of busy intersections.

I drove hunched over the wheel, not a white-knuckle grip, but my leather gloves were so taught they could have been at home on a drum.  I looked like your grandma looks when she drives home from the clinic, or wherever she comes from.  The exits were unplowed, with deep snow, piles hidden, as my windshield wipers could not do their jobs, at the very least I had no visibility and I was going over the speed limit.  I figured if I was going fast enough I could get through the snow, but I also figured if I was going too fast and lost control I didn’t know what I would do.  I kept the speed up.  I luckily made it onto 35 Dubs and got behind a semi, we kept a good pace of about 20 mph and 10 feet of distance, we existed as one in between lines of the road that were covered by ice and snow.  I kept going, the semi left me at the 35 W bridge and then I saw nothing, just from memory I navigated.  I exit to 94 W, cars are in the ditch or stranded for going to slow in the deep white powder.  I travel on.  I make it to my exit and drive to my parking lot, which is expectedly unplowed and almost impossible to commute through.  I floor it pray for a miracle and make it to a spot.  Cars are parked everywhere.  Middle of the street, sideways in a parking spot, stalled at a stop light, waiting for a tow, what a great parking spot those all make.  I walk to my house and realize I will not make my other job today and give a call.  My roommate’s car is parked on a snow emergency route, it is 2 pm, we have to get it out or she gets ticketed and towed.

Upon walking outside in snow gear I realize the snow isn’t so bad and I see others walking.  Its not as cold as it is windy and it is not as wet as it is dry.  I am sure this was supposed to happen.  We get the shovels and start digging.  Her car is covered in about 3 feet of drift snow as she parked next to a park, which has very little wind barrier.  Masterfully we dig and exit her car out of its snow tomb, I give her driving directions and we succeed to a parking spot after an hour of work.  As we are driving I notice more and more people.  The streets are almost packed with people, cars, shovels, snow gear, and hard work.  We help others in the parking lot, they help us, we decide to take a shovel and a brush to help others on the walk home.  We walk, we snap photos and talk of beer and warmth.  Kaisa and I converge on 3 people who are pushing a car we push, we accomplish what we needed to and we keep working.  We wish them well and we keep walking.  We see 2 people stuck under a stoplight we help them shovel and move on.  The walk was amazing, the snow shining as it blows in our faces.  We walk the snowdrift, knee high.  The beauty of this moment was only triumphed by the positive intentions of everyone helping other people out.  They saw trouble and without the help of a higher voice people came together.  Aaron told me he had the same thing happen to him, its amazing to see people come together for the common good.

The plows gave up at noon, the blizzard kept up.  The city gave up, the blizzard kept up.  The buses and transit systems became useless, the blizzard kept up.  The metrodome roof caved in, the blizzard kept up.  Humans helped fellow humans, the blizzard kept up.  Great success, keep shoveling.  Loving the winter weather.


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