Beauty Killed by Heroin.

I met her once, or twice, she was blond beautiful and covered in tatoos.  She was proportional and very well spoken, for a girl in her position, out of school and abusing.  She was adventurous as a boy, and a few of my friends got to meet her.  She came over with my friend Mollie.  I hollered across the street for her to join us.  She had nothing going on and was down to get some beer and food.  I was told that she is loud and very opinionated.  She came.  She was about 5’3, well built; the kind of short girl that makes you drool. The thought of copulation was intense.  I think I did want it, but I didn’t know what it was all about.  She had a loon tatooed on her arm and 666 on the inside of her lower lip.  She had piercings all over, I can’t remember everywhere, and she smiled with teeth so perfect they had to be made that way.  I didn’t get it though; she was depressed, she claimed she was late and was drinking about the same as all of us, heavily.   I would venture to guess she was extremely promiscuous.  I would also venture to guess that the first time I met her would be one of th only times, because she was on the go and no one was going to stop her.  The party went late and we ended up having a very interesting night.  She attempted to take me.  I attempted to take her in another way.  It got late and everyone left.  She disappeared with the crowd and I went in to pass out.  I didn’t think much about the encounter.  About a week later I saw her with one of her cronies.  I was sitting at a table outside of a coffee shop in uptown.  She was very excited and she could only talk about how much indulgence they had.  Her friend went to purchase a large amount of booze.  She spoke of mind altering experiences she was about to have, and she reminded me a lot of Brittany Murphy.  I laughed and finished the coffee I had purchased, I wished her well and that was the last time I spoke with her.  I did, however, see her at the beach a few times.  She had a big smile, much bigger than most.  She had a radiant light about her and she always seemed happy.  I waved to her at the beach and she smiled and waved back.  I never got her number and I didn’t need it.  I had more going on and I thought that bringing her into my life would be hard.  I was content with just seeing her rarely, that type of person you meet.  I doubt she thought about it.  She most likely had many suitors and was occupied.

Time went by and I hadn’t thought about those encounters much.  It is now November, I hadn’t seen her since the beach.  I had seen some stuff on the news about herion and the problems that they pose for the Twin Cities area.  I had no idea that anyone I knew was involved.  Whenever I think of herion I think of Uma Therman in Pulp Fiction snorting it up her nose as John Travolta talks himself out of a bad situation in the bathroom; I see foam coming out of your mouth and I see your eyes roll back, and not in a good way, you are close to death.  I have no idea what the circumstances that surrounded this story are.  It seems sad to know that someone as close or as far away, that provocated such thought could go because of a powder derived from a plant.  You are what you eat, we come from the dirt.

All that I know, and how I found out about this is, I found her on Facebook and sent her an invitation to be my friend a few days ago.  I had forgot her name and it didn’t really matter, but I sort of remembered.  I woke this morning after a nice night of sleep at my ex lover’s house and I decided to check out some stuff on the internet.  I found that one of my close friends had posted:  “safe travels wherever you go.  you are loved and will be missed RIP”.  (I will give out no name its unimportant, this story is as faceless as they come and I am sure that you will forget it soon.  Also out of respect for the individual) So I looked up the name that was at the beginning of the post, figuring it was someone I had never met, and I found to my surprise it was the girl.  The smiling artsy girl that I had met only a few times months before.  I sent my friend a text and found out after about two hours what had happened, vaguely.  In between texting and knowing I fell asleep, as I got up at four this morning because my girl had to leave, I needed another nap.  I rested and I drempt of being at a party with this girl.  All of her friends were there and I was there wearing a backpack, someone blew glitter on me.  There were cobwebs everywhere and it was a Halloween party.  I was standing at the bottom of a set of stairs, she was in the corner.  The last picture that I saw her in was at a basement party, I am assuming on all hollows even.  She walked over to me, she didn’t say anything she just looked awe struck.  I woke up, made coffee, ate some food, and got a text:  “Anna od on herion and yes on hanging out.”  That was what the text read.  I will know no more or less of her and that’s all.  RIP distant friend, briefly you changed my thoughts.


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