My friend has a name and his name is Daniel.

Yes, Daniel, my dear friend, I must say that girls are very crazy.  I must say that you, as Daniel, you should leave them stay.   Stay far away, you, of all, may thank me on a very enlightening day.  Crazy attracts crazy and you are not crazy.  Crazy attracts normal to mimic normalcy.  You get this though.


Daniel, oh smart and wise, beyond what I can write, or far beyond your years as you can imagine; I have no comprehension of what to say on this because I lack the ability to brag of others, yet I must brag of you because you see me for who I am, and what I am not, what I do; however, what I do is what I am, so we are at odds, but you listen.  I am I.


She will never understand you because she is vain, because she is young, and a novice at anything customary to your standards, or rather our standards.  I am vain and customary to my standards.  If you must know, I am also shallow, yet Daniel is not, or pretends as though he were not.  My standards may represent dirt, or gold.  I think they are both heavy.  I am vain enough to cover a mark of love with simple cosmetics.  Can you see?  I am shallow enough to wish for more depth as I am lowered into my grave.  I pray for innocence and a light punishment.  Daniel is thinking.  Daniel’s standards represent:  I cannot speak for Daniel’s standards.


Daniel, for farthest star you are bright as the sun in realtime, and close as the air in my lungs.  To my heart you are a companion of no judgment, even if I have ever judged you, I can dare say so without tears coming to my eyes.  I wipe them with shrouds of scarf that a young woman left upon my nightstand months ago and I don’t even know her name.  You see all and can call it out loud without doubt, you got balls.  I would bet on your opinion and suggest nothing different from what was said in that very minute.  Stead fast.  I realize this is crucial to your being because after I have told you it does not go to your head.  You may have mastered humbleness, yet you can take any character in the act of skill and kill boastfulness with the slight of your head.  I shiver at this because I cannot produce such a reaction.


Someday you will know.  Those fickle girls will want us someday and we will turn our heads and laugh.  Ha, ha.


Who is vain now?



About Terry Scott Niebeling

Hello, My name is Terry Scott, a human being with flaws. twitter: @sirterryscott Buy my ebooks:
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