Hey Charlie have you Sheen this thing over here called Minnesota?

Thank God my grandmother is dead because she would not have been able to handle these shitty commercials.  I dislike commercials because I dislike the weather.  The commercials interrupt the weatherman and the weather interrupts my happiness.  I cry, Boohoo.

The overcast is like a dress you would like to take off of a beautiful woman, only to reveal the sun; if it weren’t hidden behind the cold, grey, snow-holding clouds.  I pray for sun and warmth.  I don’ think I can take another month of this temperature.

What I have come to realize is that if I didn’t have sex I would probably be going not instead of delivering them.  I figure if anything happens that is bad or unwanted I can at least say:  “Hey, I had amazing sex last night”.

Anything that happens is legit if your story ends with that line.  You got into a car accident, you broke your Mac Book, your grandma died, you got robbed at gunpoint, I don’t know.  It seems all right if you factor that into the equation.

It seems that way for a few other things too.  You might be wondering what it would be like to starve, freeze to death, get hit by a car, get lit on fire, get herpes, get AIDS, get lost in a big city, get told by someone you love that they do not love you, I guess these things would be pretty bad, but try ending those stories with I got laid.  We might have something here, or we might be delusional because no one ever thinks about it that much.  The “it” is what you think it is so, go on.

I work at NASA, I have really been spacing out.  Lost track of almost everything I have wanted to do/accomplish.  I don’t care.  I figure I am in love, so its not really a big deal to concern myself with hopes and dreams.  Fuck the weather, fuck the raise in gas price, fuck the shit job I work, and what do I have left?  Fucking.  I can’t really talk about it much more than that.  When will it end?

Really, really, really happy:  that is how I would describe myself.  I don’t know what I am doing, I don’t know what I am in school for, and I don’t know how I am going to pay for it.  I am American, I am 23, and I am fucked.

Whatever, I have a blog.  I am going to be in CA in about a week, and I am stuck doing homework while I wait for this amazing girl to come over to relieve my isolation.

Gloomy, that is what they say.  The forecast is the same and has been the same; it has been the same and shit for the past six months.  The weathermen should be fired.  If I got paid to stand up and say the same things everyday for six months straight I would probably lose my job, yet when these weather-fools do it they get viewers.  They let those viewers down.

Words I don’t like to hear:  Accumulation, wet, heavy, snow, ice, snow-emergency, unpredictable, winter, storm, winter-storm, route, plows, road closure, wind-chill, negative 30, anything below 30, or 40, cold-front, cool down, tracking, I hate these words.

Words I like to hear:  Yes, right, true, word, excellent, fuckme, nice, tight, sweet, cheers, on the house, shirtless, topless, tease, ambiguous, flirt, skirt, bra, panties, I like most of these words.

Words I also like to hear:  warm, hot, heat, sun, beautiful, clear-skies, I don’t know that’s about it.

I don’t know how much more of this I can take.


About Terry Scott Niebeling

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