I Survived the Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Reactor Meltdown, and Los Angeles, almost.

San Francisco, California may never be the same.  I may never be the same.  My brain is changed forever.  I will begin to type and introduction/summary of what happened if that is possible.  I called in sick today and I have nothing to do but type, so here goes…

I have never seen San Francisco before, yet I have somewhat seen it now.  There are more poor people than I could have imagined.  Homeless everywhere.

Our journey begins with a plane, a train, and a walk to a house near a park.  We were in Richmond district.  We juiced some PBR’s we smoked some stuff that caught fire and we skated for a bit.  Duke was the host with the most, and there were a lot of occupants.  A shit load of pizza and we juiced some beers.  Boom.

Some of our other friends showed up…

We do more of the same stuff, we then drive to a town just over the GoldenGate Bridge and we spend the next 3 days drinking, basking in the sun, and talking shit, while eating things that are legal in California and nowhere else (if you have a medical ailment, that is).  I found a lemon tree and became obsessed with it.  Its yellow bulbs, which hung from limbs of leafy green branches, were overwhelming.  I could have collected a million of them, yet still I would have not been sated.  I had water with lemon slices within it and I had to tan my skin.  I was very all right in San Francisco.

We saw Painted Ladies and rolling hillside.  We conversed with individual individuals and members of groups.  We walked in the woods and walked through cities of concrete, wood, metal, and smog.  We saw it all, yeah, we did.  We even concurred some of the opposite.   I think we were more-drunk that most would allow.

I made it back to Minneapolis and I realized I hate my job and I love my life.  I realized that this is what its all about and that most of the people that aren’t satisfied are still searching their location; however, they are not searching for a new place to live, but rather they are searching for themselves.  Out of all of the people I met, all in different walks of life, I realized that only an individual can identify with who they are and it has nothing to do with where they come from, and everything to do with where they come from solely because of the majority attitude.

My case and point is that I love Minneapolis, and when I go other places I say, “Represent Minneapolis” a lot.  I say this more than most people say the, and, and but.  I really say it a lot because I miss where I am from.  I am, however, not exactly from Minneapolis, I am from a smaller city called La Crosse, and I am not really from La Crosse, I am from La Crescent, or I was raised there.  Anyway, I was saying this sort of stuff at the bars in California, and it was all fun, I mean most places you go and talk to people you will mention where you are from and what you do, so I did.

Once we got to L.A. it was sort of different.  I am from the Midwest so this means fucking dumb.  We ran into an old friend who, at first sight committed to talking about how the area of Los Angeles is “eating his soul”, and how it is such and interesting area that he has to stay there and have his “soul eaten”.  I don’t know.  I feel that when someone says this they are either, full of pity for themselves or they are just trying to get people to understand how hard it is to do what they are doing.  Let me get this straight, I don’t give a shit if you have it hard I am from an area where it is below zero at least six months a year, if it is above 50 where you are and there are good looking women and a beach near do not relay a message of hardship to me.  I have no interest in weeping for the rich, greatly located, self-obsessed individuals, with pretentious ideals.  I know half of the people who read this disagree with me on the last statement because they feel it I was at fault.

No matter, I figured I am the way I am because of where I am from.  Most people in Minneapolis seem positive and upbeat about bullshit like below average weather, wearing enormous amounts of clothing to remain a normal temperature, and never see the opposite sex’s flesh in the winter months.  So we can agree that I will get over excited when I am in different locations.  I will love the locals and the weather and say whatever, whenever, wherever, because I am that person from the Midwest.  I get what I want when I want because I can talk the talk and I have a Minnesotan accent.  Eh, Don’t you know?

Don’t act like you don’t know.  I am crazy.  You are different.  You know, eh?

Fuck it CA all day.

I miss the weather, the clothing, and the seafood.  I don’t miss the attitudes and I really think people need to dream bigger or go home.  I am dreaming big at home right now.  Its cold and I will go out tonight.

Love, TS


About Terry Scott Niebeling

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