More Father Issues than the Catholic Church

Minutes and days:  Time is expanding me and I realize…

This is next week and yesterday.  Tomorrow and a month from a year ago.  After time began, seconds before the first clock was invented.

I am dead.  I am born.  I am sleeping, but wide awake.  I am black, white, and red inside.  Many colors overwhelmed.  I am transparent; vacant as a void, voluptuous and empty.

Very nice, very mean.  I am seen and unseen.  I am broken at the seam.

I eat beans, I go to heaven.  I don’t eat, I starve, I die.  I go to heaven.  I go to Hell too, both times, sometimes.

I am clean.  I am dirty.  I am healthy.  I am diseased.  When I was young I had bloody scrapes on my knees.

I’ve had black eyes, blue eyes, red eyes, and pink eye too.  My eyes are closed now.  I am closed to you…

I am open I am shut-wide awake-with bells on.  I am at the wedding preceding your divorce.

I am forced, fucked, fondled, faked, feared, focused, but never fooled.

I think.  I don’t…, I think…  I think I’ll think about it.  Think about that.

I know.  You know.  We know, all knowing as we are.  I am complete.  I am half gone.  I am not here.  I don’t know.

I dream of clarity.  I fear contact lenses.  If I lose my glasses I cannot see.  I still have deep dark holes for pupils.  In class my pupils can see this.

I am me.  To yourself, you are me too.  You are you.  I am you.  you and I are cool-for real.  We are I’s and we have eyes.  We choose to use them when we want.

And now that I have told you my story and you can see that I am through.

Who are you and will you tell your story too?


About Terry Scott Niebeling

Hello, My name is Terry Scott, a human being with flaws. twitter: @sirterryscott Buy my ebooks:
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One Response to More Father Issues than the Catholic Church

  1. Dirty says:

    still calibrating the 4-20??

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