La Crescent Still…

Graduation.  Ah, graduation.  My sister just recently graduated.  I was fortunate enough be able to take part in her graduation ceremony.  I realized at that moment that reading and the progression of learning was key to anything society would view as commendable.  I kept reading Slaughter-House Five and the speaker kept talking about the benign nature of reading.  I kept reading and he kept praising.  I have not failed because I do not own a paper that distiguishes me as a scholar, I have successfully coasted through life reading.  If you are coasting, another speaker said, you are going down hill.  I like going down hill its easier than going up.  I like the wind in my hair.  I like the speed, the rush, of going down a slope.  I read.  Dan tells me I should read more. 

I want more hits than 4:20, but I ain’t talking smoke.

Before we ate together with both aspects of my family.  We ate with my mother, my grandmother, my father, my stepmother, and a lot of awkward feelings towards eachother.  I had a chicken sandwich with a side-salad.  We took pictures of future nurses.  They would see pain, sorrow, blood, death, and betrayal.  This is what they signed up for.  I wish my sister the best. 

I went out last night.  I ran into a lot of old friends.  One of my older friends, well rather distant ex co-worker, told me a story.  I asked him how he was, he told me he has never been worse than right now.  I asked him why, he told me that his child was born 5 days ago and the love of his life died 2 days after that.  It is day 2 for his plight.  So it goes.

I had to steal that last sentence I have been getting a bit into KVJ as of late.

Biking through the streets of La Crescent is arrousing.  The smell of sweat, flowers, and sexual encounters lingers in the air as I ride with no handlebars to my Mother’s house.  The sun is in the sky and the clouds, two layers deep, one high with holds, and one below puffy storm clouds line up to hold their ground.  It is still sunny out.  It has become hot.  Winter is dead, Summer is born.  I am free for days. 

I bougt insurance today, which I thought I already had and was paying for.  The agent, Tom, asked me if he needed to explain to me what my coverage accounts for.  I told Tom that I don’t get into accidents very often and I really didn’t need to know.  He explained them to me, without skipping a beat.  I feel as though these words bore me, I should not have to have insurance.  Horrible drivers should leave the roads so I can pay less to own a car.  I shouldn’t own a car.  I feel the human interaction of mundane explinations is more entertaining than clicking buttons on a computer.  I could have set up my insurance by myself.  This is only the second time I have biked to the insurance office in 4 days.  I live nowhere apparently, and to Tom I do not have a job.  I barely go to school as he sees it, and I live with my mom.  Wink, wink.  I have fooled everyone once again.  I love you.  You know who you are.  See you soon.  Dozer.


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    Hey, that picture is copyright protected to “Dirty Air inc.”


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