Cognitive Dissonance 101

Waitress, I love your fake smile.  You show me how others are lying to me.  You should have been an actress.  The earlier you existed as a complete and utter bitch, she did not learn her lessons well.  She wears sunglasses, blue pastel; fucking hip shades, she covers up what you want everyone to see.  She must have learned nothing.  You learned everything.  The only thing you lack is the ability to show act with your sad eyes.  Your eyes tell me you were once the victim of some abuse, possibly from your employer, maybe from a bottle of intoxicants that you exist with, daily.  As do we all.  You are better than most, but you will only get a few dollars tip for the act you put on.  I hear other patrons talking of how you are and what you do.  I do not agree with them, they have not been there like you have, or maybe they have and they can provide me insight.

I am out with a beautiful friend, an honest friend, the most honest friend.  The thing is she does not acknowledge your existence.  She stares into my beautiful baby-blue eyes and tells me of successes.  We exchange success stories.  I love this girl.  She sees me and I see her.  She is more successful and mentally sound than anyone I know.  I need more time with her.  She appreciates everything and is honest.  She is true as the sky is blue and she will not hide a thing from you too.  That is how it is.

I find it hard to accept the way things are.  I appreciate the wisdom that is strewn before me.  I am modest when I have to be.  I am honest when I have to be.  I witnessed what I had not seen before, but it was there.  I realized that mostly everyone is plastic, and when you find a real person, as I did, you have to converse and take in whatever you can.  You will not find many out there.  I got sound advice; I did not betray myself or anyone else.  The waitress showed me that you can fake a smile and that you can placate an individual with specific learned movements, but one thing you cannot do is lie with your eyes.  I have seen that smile before, but your eyes tell me you are full of shit.  Your eyes are crystal balls.

Later that night you explained that you were working like a robot because you were tired.  You had been working since 10 am it was now 8 pm, I am sure your day was long.  My earlier assumptions of you were incorrect.  You were just tired.  I miss read your eyes.  I give you props.  You don’t get my jokes, but you laugh.  My date tricks me and pays for the evening.  I am feeling like I need to pay and I wait for the check.  My companion finishes her beers smiles and me and suggests we leave.  I smile.  I had no idea she paid and was ready to go.  She tricked me.

No matter what watch your surroundings and things are not what they may seem.


About Terry Scott Niebeling

Hello, My name is Terry Scott, a human being with flaws. twitter: @sirterryscott Buy my ebooks:
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