Customer *Virago Downstairs* Service

I am now 24.  I am still the same as I have been for years.  I appreciate the finer things in life.  I lie.  I tell the truth.  I literally have a grocery list of what I expect from specific types of people.  Some of them are hanging on my wall for guests to see.

I don’t like the lady downstairs; however, she is all right to look at.  I don’t like to argue, but I like to have conversations with beautiful women about pointless ideas.  The debate of opinion is a useless battle.  Opinions are ubiquitous; everyone has an opinion, personal perception is one hundred percent relevant to those involved.

Was it my birthday yesterday, or did I have a show?  Did everyone forget me?  Not those who care, but those who were not amused.  I leave when I want I am a grown man.  I do whatever I want whenever I want anytime.  That is just how I am.  Was the show good or bad?  Did I impress, bore, irritate, upset, or dismay anyone.  I feel tramped, I feel caught and released.  The more freedom you have the more you worry about oppression.

If you cannot handle my aggressive happiness or take it as something less you can get your head checked at your own expense, because I couldn’t afford to pay your bills too.  I am sorry if you have a drug problem, nothing to do, and want to waste my time.  I am sorry that you feel that way.  I really do care about you I just care about myself more.

I am broke but wearing regalia.  Taking a moment to breathe in my surroundings and expound on my findings.  I am out of line but aligning, and blindly ambitious because no one can see the future.


Honestly I could sit and stew about this all day but the sun is out and I am sure the argument was exciting for both parties.  Most people are not truly upset with you personally they just have a million other problems and they want to take it out on you.  If you feel like venting call me, I want to hear about it.

I learned today that people choose to argue even if they are wrong, just to vent their frustration.  I will listen to your problems, but I won’t expect you to listen to mine.  I promise.  I have some but they really aren’t that bad.

These work meetings are very insightful.

The sun is getting stronger and the grass is greener than it was yesterday.  If I go outside I will have to put on sunscreen to avoid changing colors.  I like being darker anyway as it were.  Darker, dirtier, older, these sorts of words describe weathering as a bad thing I find these words the opposite.  I have this idea that flaws create uniqueness within an individual.  I can’t bear to accept my flaws, on the other hand, as a human being I think flaws probably don’t exist considering we are all animals.  Just don’t kill people or purposefully hurt them.

There is a fine line between an alcoholic and someone who drinks for fun.  There is a fine line between clear sky and clouds.

The reflection off of the pond is as bright on dark days as it is on sunny days as it is at night.  The pond’s reflective powers will not bend the truth.  I look into the pond and see myself, clear blue sky in the background, and all I can do is smile.  I smile because to frown would disappoint the mirror that is the pond.  The pond uses its ability to create, sustain, and show life.  I think I will appreciate it more.

Expectations of what I do should be written off as opinions.  The only person that can make you happy is yourself.  I am happy.  Are you?


About Terry Scott Niebeling

Hello, My name is Terry Scott, a human being with flaws. twitter: @sirterryscott Buy my ebooks:
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