28 to 22, dominated.

You are 28 and amazingly sexual.  I love it.  I think I am smiling more than I have ever smiled before.  How can someone be so amazing?


Art class can be tedious.  I would say getting up at 8 AM on Friday mornings is hard enough, but after a heavy night of drinking it’s a bit more of a challenge.  I wake to beep beep.  I feel like shit.  Forget this alarm clock.  Actually forget this thing we call time. Thank you Industrial Revolution, you did a great job of making people banal creatures of corporate slavery.  However, I went to bed at 2 AM, or so, after walking home from Aaron’s house.  It was an eventful night:  Beautiful, clear, cool, and the girls were extra loud.  Woo.  Nothing like today though.  There are no shots of Tequila or great beers to drink from there are grades and drawings to conceive.  The meaningful sexually arousing conversation from heaven sent to be via an angle of the dark side, more importantly a beautiful liquor store girl.  How intimidating for someone like me.  Usually, I am disinterested and don’t lose much sleep, but tonight I may have other ideas in my head.  Although, maybe, a conversation instead of a female body may help me sleep a little better tonight.  Maybe a female body with a brain in it.  Maybe it’s her age.  God, I hope so I’ll know right where to find these types of girls.  Maybe I am going crazy because I don’t get out much, or I frequently go out to the same dried up watering hole.  You know.

We had sex.  It wasn’t that great as she told me, its sort of funny because my body tells me if it wants to do something or not.  Nature over personal opinion, this has to do with evolution.  I try.  We were in her room.  She had tried before to perform oral sex on me but I became uninterested.  I felt like a jerk because she was always so good to me.  At the time I was in between situations and I was very impressed with anyone interested.  Although, I was not desperate and now I realize that it was an amazing situation.  I remember her bed and the blankets.  She had a, cartoon quilt, a creative tatter ensemble.  We kissed the lights were dim and then it was over.  We kissed and I left.  I told her I was going to be an asshole if this ever happened.  I told her that, and I told her that I didn’t really mean it.  I loved her as a friend and I still do.  She didn’t believe me until it happened.  This stuff didn’t really happen.  She told me she was dripping for me and touched my leg.  This was when we first met.  She kissed my neck during class and I thought that we were going to get kicked out.  Too bad for me I was young and dumb.  Good for her she was smart and wise to my motives.  We never got kicked out of the class and I think we both got A’s.  I think these experiences make a difference.  If I wouldn’t have had that happen I probably would never know what it was like to be with someone smarter than me.  Ha, ha.

I know.

I found it hard to figure out what to do when you came over.  You were mostly hunger.  I had just had a conversation about apparitions and how they follow people.  Like a stalker that follows the one he loves until he takes their life, or tortures them, or loves them.  I guess.  I found it hard not to touch you while you ate.  I wanted to kiss you.  I felt that kissing you would take me to a better place.  It would be better than drinking, better than thinking about drinking at least.  I found it all right.  I suggested music and my room.  You suggested nothing other.  I guess.  I really don’t go after situations like this it sort of just happens.  I feel that if a girl comes over dressed beautifully then she is anticipating, but that is like saying that if someone is dressed slutty than they want you to rape them.  I think that is wrong.  We watch Sci-Fi, comedy, and romance; however, we do not get all three.  I am weirded out so I am science fiction, I can tell a million jokes and I am sure one or two of them could pass for comedy.  Romance is ubiquitous.  I can’t say enough.  I look at the leaves on the trees and I see love.  I can’t imagine a world without infatuation.  Most of my ex-gfs do not understand this.  Possession and oppression are for royalty and the United States does not have a monarchy.  The more freedom you have the more restricted you are.  Endless possibilities create endless facets, which have endless problems to fix.  Keep it simple stupid is some of the best advice I can give.


We eat, we watch something on the television, and then something happens?  Is that how life goes?  I dislike one night stands because you can’t really talk to the person afterwards and what you had before becomes lost in a game of Who Wins?.  I really don’t understand.


Being in La Crosse and La Crescent has not changed me.  I have been told to write more.  I thought I would but I left all of my good ideas in Minneapolis.


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