Interview as always…

Maybe I am the laziest person on earth.  Maybe I am not.


I find it that the most important person in a restaurant is the person doing the dishes.  No one will fire a dishwasher because they do not want to have to do his job.  The dishwasher stands in one spot for 5-8 hours and does nothing but scrub remnants from the patron’s plate.  He thinks when will I be able to afford a meal at the place I work, when will I get a weekend off, when will people respect me?  He ponders, he is irreplaceable he is the unwanted need.


I must have thought something was going to happen.  I woke up in a stupor.  A zombie sitting on your bed as you harass me to consciousness.  I was not depressed yet, as I drove, I thought about how I would drop Bambi off and I would go on with my day of doing nothing.  I realized that I was depressed and needed something to do after about an hour.  I read, I did stuff online, and I met with a friend from class for coffee.  The clouds were blocking the sun at first, and when I was reading in the park earlier I started shivering because of the cool breeze, but the sun was out and hot now.  I took refuge under a sign that was strategically placed above my head at the coffee shop where I sat.  The book, from the park earlier, made me laugh and as children left the playground I marked my spot and took off towards my apartment. 


I got home and put on a hat.  I grabbed my bike, although my tires were a bit flat, and I took to the road.  The clouds had parted and the wind was blowing against me as I rode.  I got up onto Hennepin and biked on the busy streets southbound.  I saw her from a distance and rolled up on her with my bike.  She said it was awkward how a guy in a BMW stopped to ask her if she wanted to have a good time.  She said no to him and he persisted, she walked away.  I ran into her just after that.  It must have spooked her a bit, but it got better.  We talked business, consulting, and self-promotion.  Right then I realized I should be a consultant.  Right then I left and rode home to watch Casino and become friends with everyone on Twitter and Facebook.  I want to reach self-actualization before the end of the day.  I need excitement, and I think I got it.


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