Red Wine Expense

As I wait, my red wine waits by my side.

Deep colors held will tell a story vicariously through the consumer, the connoisseur.

Stomach with feel; with emotion-deep, can bare this liquid strong and sweet.

But savor does the tongue, and the nose, the aroma; a common place on the table; however, few vines are grown in Minnesota.

The sun, and the day, the ground and the water, brought us this treat of esteem to ponder.

As I sit I take in this pleasure from heaven; I question the price it cost me?…  In dollars it was seven.


I could have left but my wine kept me.  I probably should be here either way.  I sit at a black-wire mesh table in front of the French Meadow Bakery in Uptown-stood up for an interview-so, I am drinking the wine I order before the supposed interview.  I thought, I can do whatever I want during this interview, getting an interview and going is like a hobby for me.  I love to disappoint, apparently.  I wait, but I am not surprised or discouraged.  I figured it was a scam, maybe they wanted me out of my house so they could rob me, shoot me, or beat me up.  Nothing like that happened.  I may have avoided a sexual encounter, maybe my house would have blew up with me in it, yet I think I was cock-blocked by an interview.  This is a first.  I drink as if I want everyone to notice me, but I am sometimes too shy to talk.

It is a beautiful day, although the weather has not been consistent.


About Terry Scott Niebeling

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