Job Search America!

Yes, I would like to fill out an application, please send me the address of where I will need to go to fill it out. Thank you,

TS On Jun 16, 2011, at 4:38 PM, Jeff ***** wrote:

Hi – was wondering if you are available to come and fill out a job application tomorrow around 10:00 am. Please call 612-***-**** Sue

This is how it all started. Recently, I became aware of the idea that most people “cannot” get a job, and so they live off of the government, they wear their trendy gear and have weekends off, and complain about it like its real. They live on tax payer’s money and bitch about how they can’t find a job, yet all they do all their live long day is look for a job. They say, “Oh, I don’t want to work for minimum wage, I don’t want to work weekends, I am better than that.”, I am calling their bullshit. I can find a job today and start tomorrow, making $10.00 and hour and not working the weekends.

I am doing this because for the past year, or so, even a little before, I have been getting jobs constantly, working them for a day or two, or not even working them at all and leaving. I hate work, that is the main reason. I love to write, drink, take naps, be lazy, read, and sometimes have a romantic experiences, but I hate working. I must be greek at heart.

The other reason I am doing this is because I have commitment issues, and because I think most of the young adults, and mature adults, in this country who are living off of welfare are just draining the status of our financial stability (big deal, right?) (No.)Basically, scamming you and I of our dollars and our pride (Ha, ha. I know it sounds like bullshit but listen to me here).

Blah, blah, blah. I really don’t care about what anyone does. I think if you have arms and legs you should have to work, and work the weekend too, but its more of a joke. I agree that work sucks, but what I hate more than working is when someone tells me they are living off of the government, and trying all they can, and can’t, to find a job for anything. I am sick of hearing about how people cannot find jobs. I work too hard for this!!! I am doing this because I like to prove people wrong.


I am not a college graduate, so it will be very tough for me to get a job. I am not a hard worker and I have a bad attitude, so it will be even harder for me to get a job, and at times painful for me. I am only motivated by my family, money, sex, and alcohol, and maybe empathy. If you are none of these things then you do not motivate me at all. I also love free time and lounging. So move on. But don’t look back in anger, thank you Oasis.



I woke up that morning, after hearing the most boring news of how my ex gf had cheated on me while we dated, and thought how boring this situation was. I needed to get out. I didn’t really care because I had probably done the same too, and she treated me horribly. I hang out with girls. Yes, I have girls that I am friend’s with that I don’t have sex with. Dan says I should avoid, at all cost, girls with father issues. I have a hard time doing this because when I see a baby raccoon hurt in the road I will bring it inside and love it and nurture it even if it bites me and gives me rabies, making me crazy as well, I am just that type of guy.

I went upstairs pissed, walked down to a blockade attempt of her body in front of the door, I asked what she wanted and heard nothing. Nothing important was said before or after, ever.

I got on my bike and peddled to my place where I met my roommate and told her I was sorry I freaked out last night. We were having this conversation about sex and animals and I did not agree with her and Astrid, so long story short, I left. I left because that is what I do. I went to Aaron’s and had a beer and a couple glasses of wine.

I left and spent the night…

I came home and told Kaisa I was sorry. She said it wasn’t a big deal and good luck with the interview. I had scheduled the interview for 10:00 am, it was 10:15 am when I called Sue to tell her I would be late, but that I was still on my way. I always call late or show up late because I am not motivated, I don’t want to waste my hours making money to pay bills, plus it let’s them know what to expect of me in the future.

She said no problem and I searched for directions and left. The drive was thirty minutes or so to the west. I dislike driving into the rich suburbs because I don’t really like rich people and I am jealous of what they have. I want a yacht and I want to throw money at people, to let them know I am rich too!

I drive in my Ford Escort, it has no stereo because when my house got robbed my car got stolen and they took my cd player, so I listen to my headphones. The sky is open and blue, the highway isn’t busy, its after rush hour and I am driving the opposite way of anything that resembles a rush, or rather gridlock. I ponder how I am an asshole and emotionless about my situation. Apathy scares me. I realize this was just her way of making me feel bad for her what she did, it doesn’t work, I am not hurt. This was way-way in the past and it was useless to bring up now.

I keep driving, while holding the directions I have scrawled on a piece of paper, inches in front of my face, to get to where I am going in a timely manner. I had to be there before 12:00 pm at least, because Sue had to have a lunch. As I drove out farther, I noticed that I was nearing the country side. I was driving towards Medina, whatever this town was. I have never been here before, but it looks familiar.

I take a few turns and I am on a gravel road, thank you God. I love gravel and I love driving a five-speed.

*Automatics are for girls and people who only have one arm, so get real all you guys driving automatics and thinking you are cool.*

I go past my turn twice just to tear up some sand and rocks, the gravel is turned to dust, on the road. My tires spin making a sound of friction that is priceless, a crunching that equals badass, and that, this sound, would cause any female Nascar fan to come running to the cock-pit. Wink, wink.

This is my version of Dukes of Hazard, I am cool and no one sees me. I am smiling and listening to the new Strokes album, deserted on a back road.

I go up the drive way about a mile passing two houses owned by the same family, I would not say vanity, but charisma, inspired a boastful name on a rock, or on the side of a house where, clearly, on a drive that few people travel; which would likely not be observed by other’s, but family members only, is a bit much.

I am wearing the clothes from the night before and I have not showered. I rubbed some deodorant under my arms before my journey. I am sweating from the heat. I realize my air conditioner works after I get to my destination, it was hot in my car.

My Chuck Taylor’s are on my feet and I sit back til I get to the parking area in the driveway. I put my headphones in my pocket, get out of the car, and walk to the door. I check my little button nose in the drivers-side mirror before my trek.

I don’t know if this is the house, but I have other things to worry about. I thought of a man wielding a shotgun telling me to get off of his property as I rang the bell. I looked inside and saw a small child playing video games, there was a table set up with papers and pens on it, I averted my eyes back to the door and it opened to not seem creepy. I said, “Sue?”, she said, “Yes, hello, come on in”. She was a middle-aged woman about 5’8 in stature, with grey hair and glasses, she was wearing a bland colored shirt and brown pants.

The boy scurried off to his room.

I came into the entryway and she motioned for me to sit down and to fill out the application. I sat and filled the form out for twenty minutes or so and I said, “I am done”.

She got up and grabbed the paper from me, looked it up and down, looked back at me, and told me she would call me if she was interested.

I walked back to my car and had about 5 missed texts from people, I waited a few minutes texted them and left. I imagined myself in the Gran Turismo upon the exit of the drive way; up and down the drive way, tight curves, barely any road to hang onto, however, it was gravel rather than european roads.

There was a sign that said “Slow”, I mouthed “fast” as I punched the gears, clutch in and out, first, second, third, fourth, stop sign and back to asphalt, back to Minneapolis.

I got home fast. I went and bought tennis rackets and a few balls. After leaving the store I got a call saying I got the job, I had to write down some address, but I didn’t have pen or paper. I told them I would call back. I never did.

I played tennis for the rest of the day with Doe. I got a message while playing tennis that told me to call a certain Sonny to get a certain address.

Meanwhile, Doe told me that the government was shutting down and I would not get paid for my construction work, if it was work done on schools.

Later that night I went to Aaron’s for our grill out with the boys!. I called Sonny after calling Kaisa and telling her to get the number that was in my room, I plumb forgot it. She got it for me and I called Sonny, he seemed confused, I was a bit buzzed and I told him I would be working with him on Monday. His voice was that of a hard working man who was tired and attempting to relax after hours of hard work. He was probably too tired for a beer.

The opposite of what I do.

He gave me directions to a place in Minnetonka, like 30 minutes from my house, and he told me to be at the address at 7 am. I said I would be there and goodbye. I wouldn’t and he will never hear my voice again.




Last night I got off of work and walked home. I watched the sun go down as I walked and read; the clouds, the ones which were higher in the sky, were a mild pink, with sharp overtones of golden yellow, the sun was leaving, and the sky was mellow. The haze had worn off of the city backdrop and the sidewalk hurt under my feet.

I stand all day at my part time job; I stand behind a counter.

I read as I walked, but as I looked up I noticed all the stop lights were red, and I thought. I thought that the sky and the lights would have been an amazing picture. I had no camera with me.

I got home and informed the girls that I would be getting up at 5 am to start my new job so no partying.

They bet me I wouldn’t go. I drank some wine with them as they discussed going out. Kaisa stuck around and we finished my wine, we played some SNES, Super Mario, and talked about some of our friends. I flipped open my book again and listened to the television. After about an hour I told the girls I was off to bed. I put some John Coltrane on and fell into the sheets. I woke up at 3 am and went back to sleep. I woke up at 7:35 am and realized that I was late for my job. I had not set my alarm clock. I went back to bed and woke up at 8:50 am from a text Missy sent.

I got up, made eggs, read, and texted back. I didn’t want to work, so I didn’t work. I don’t like working so I stayed at home and enjoyed myself. I got ready for my second job and got there on time. I was clocked in for about 5 minutes and my manager told me to come back to have a look at the schedule. I was off today and didn’t need to work. I over compensated for not showing up at my first job by showing up and not needing to work at my second job. I think I am a few days off. I got to get this scheduling thing down.

I will never go to the other job, I don’t need it.

Dan says time is my gift, I will use it. I was sad about something and I forgot what, but now I am happy.

To all you jobless people: have a fun day off, I will. I know you can do it. 😉


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