As I sit on my hands…

   “I am afraid that the person you write about online is the person you are becoming in real life…  There are consequences for your writing, good or bad.”



I can’t help it I make up most of these stories, its extremely fun and easy.


Maybe I am going crazy.  I sit around all day thinking about my next kill in press, or what I will write about next, or wasting time; doing crass things in a cavalier fashion to create interest for myself.

This is the sort of stuff I get to read when I wake up in the morning, it gives me inspiration:


“I meant everything I ever told you. You are an amazing writer and I’m sure you will get published and make an awesome success.  May you continue to light up every room you enter warming everyone’s hearts.”




Ha, ha.  I guess that is kind of bullshit when you think about it.  Adulation is kind of a double-edged sword; its good to hear, but its most likely not genuine in the way you want it to be, so I take it with a grain of salt.  I could take it like a grain of sand, but I would most likely find myself at the beach, thus rendering that analogy useless, or useful in a clever and dangerous way.  I don’t like sand all that much anyway.


I really don’t make this up, it’s almost sad to me.  I know that goes against what I said above, but I am an agnostic and pantheist all in one, so you get where I am coming from.


I love that people read my writing; I love that I can use words to captivate.  If just one person reads my work I feel like I have changed someone in some sort of way; a way that is relatable and comforting.  I feel I understand life a little bit better, yet it is expansive.  There are others!


What would you do if someone sent you that message how would you feel?


I sit around and watch movies and movies over and over to understand how people interact.  Real-life is just a movie most of the time.  The way most people react is read slightly by others, but if you could slow things down and rewind them like in a movie you could pretty much guess most people’s next move.  I would not say it’s an unfair advantage, or that it is one hundred percent, but I would say it is common knowledge people over look.  I try not to.  I love everything about everything.  Paying attention to details can pay off in some situations.  Taking advice is key.


Doe says I am happy when she is mad and I am happy when she is happy and that pisses her off cause she can’t make me mad.  I just had to smile and laugh at this as I ate the chips and salsa.  I love chips and salsa because they are messy and taste good, the dichotomy of this situation represents most relationships; its messy but sweet and you can usually get refills if you ask, and it also tastes good.  I love chips and salsa.  Chips and salsa never cheat on you.



Some things I have learned from my loved ones:  Do as I say not as I do, never admit to anything, watch out for number one, don’t drink and drive, never call an ex back, If you want something done right do it yourself, pay attention to the dog that is barking, its five o’clock somewhere, you better lay off the sauce, always wear protection, the grass is sometimes greener on the other-side, You can’t drink all day if you don’t drink in the morning, its not who you are its who you know, and Who’s fault is that?


I rather like all of these ideas.  How could I misspell I?


About Terry Scott Niebeling

Hello, My name is Terry Scott, a human being with flaws. twitter: @sirterryscott Buy my ebooks:
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