Picture Book.

Day one, whatever day it is, I decide to go to work and do my job.  Hour one, whatever hour it is, I decide I don’t like to work and I don’t want to do my job.  Minute one, whatever minute it is, I decide to leave work and I don’t care about my job.  Second one, whatever second it is, I decide to close my eyes to take a nap, I dream about making an easy living.


I think school is trying to confuse me.  I have been going to school for about 20 years of my life, at least 6 years after 2005, the year I graduated.  I am still 2 semesters away from graduating with a Liberal Arts associate’s degree.  I laugh because this is funny, you laugh because this is sad.  Will I be any different with a piece of paper that has my name and accomplishments written on it?  I don’t think so.  I know children with 4 year degrees; they are astonished at the idea of real-life and earning an income.  I have been earning an income since before I can remember.  The piece of paper I receive will be just that: a piece of paper.


Girls, I know girls, I know a lot of girls.  What do I know about girls?  I know that I don’t know anything about anyone, especially, if they are girl.  -I don’t know you.  Ha, ha.  I guess I don’t know much of anything at all.  I hang out with a lot of girls.  I know nothing about a lot of things.  Who am I?


I know someone without a job who eats better than I do.  I know someone who is eating salmon right now, in my kitchen, this person has not worked as hard as I have today.  I can’t do much about this, but I watch anyway.  I am no longer hungry, only disgusted.  Tempt me virago, tempt me once and die.  I am fine now.  No need for violence.


I spaced out today; I was a space cadet for a moment.  I was spacing out.


About Terry Scott Niebeling

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One Response to Picture Book.

  1. Sal says:

    Hey Dirty,
    Yup, you get a paper with your name and accomplishments on it, proving that you have endured some education past high school. Of course one piece of paper will not make you different or even guarantee that you will accomplish anything else in the future, but the experiences that led you to receiving that peice of paper have already changed you. (And will prove to employers that you are able-minded!) I think you are suffering from something I like to call, “I realize I am not ‘the shit’, and have to keep up with the shit of the world in order to make it to tomorrow.”

    Accept it, and move on, Terry. You don’t need to waste your precious minutes dwelling on people who don’t respect themselves or care as much about their capabilities as you do. Don’t let the fact that people leach off of each other make you doubt yourself. You may have to constantly work harder than others, but do you really want it to be any easier or different?

    So what if someone who didn’t work as hard as you is eating Salmon in the kitchen…The fact that you put energy into having hard feelings about it, could mean that maybe you don’t deserve to have the Salmon yourself, because you are then giving into the dependency of others to determine yourself and how you measure up to people….When it comes down to it, you do not need the comparison of others to yourself to define who you are. You have chosen the path WITH resistance, because that is who you are, and you realize that the journey you will experience along that path is WORTH the hardship. The hardship, how you react to it, and what you do defines who you are. Are you a freeloader?….OR, are you going to catch that Salmon with your bare hands (and have a tale to tell while you are eating it.)???

    -Sassy Sal

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