Downtown days

In case you were wondering we are doing a little cooking over here…


I wake up in a $250,000 condo in downtown Minneapolis, this is the story of my how my life is now that I am single.  I choose to live my life like this because I have been shaped by the relationships I exist in, existed in, and no longer exist within.  I am now.


There are two bleach-white Pomeranians lying on a guest bed with a girl.  I guess I am a guest but I do not know the person who owns this living space, only by photos, he is nowhere to be found.


I have to work and my morning is going flat fast like PBR with popped tops in the middle of a sunny day; losing taste and quality hourly.


“Kt  od in the er”


I got a text at 3 am.  I have only received 2 text message like this.  I am not the 1 to deal with this stuff. 


I read the text and wake up call is all I can imagine.  I still think how did I get into this condo.  I know the girl.  I just don’t get it.


I have been gone so long that I forgot to wind my clock.  Time stopped ticking.  I fixed the clock last night it made it to morning.


About Terry Scott Niebeling

Hello, My name is Terry Scott, a human being with flaws. twitter: @sirterryscott Buy my ebooks:
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