Turtle Den: Part 1: Scene 1

Turtle Den lay just outside of a small mid-western town.


1.  Valleys and bluffs full of rich green trees lay out in the sun.  Light of day in the fall illuminated the unhinged dust of gravel-covered roads, which hung in the air, but only after being trampled by turtle feet, and most other dwellers.  The air was so crisp here it would put the densest apples to shame, hardening them with sweetness.  Endless blue sky, zero humidity, and grass which makes for a verde blanket of growth.  Streams and creeks snaked through deep ruts in between hills.  Peace for miles, untouched land by today’s standards, yet actually only caressed by those within its bounds.


Turtles do not dwell in the cold they hibernate, as if their time was not cut short enough, by the end of summer. Turtles who live in the area have to be active and smart in order to succeed, there is no room for lying around in the sun.  That is what elder turtles say.  And that is what Shelly says.  Shelly is god.


Although turtles are the longest living creatures in the animal kingdom, they have very little time to grow up and be successful turtles in Turtle Den, because of Fredrick Fox.

Fredrick fox captures turtles and eats them alive.  Fredrick did not particularly like eating turtles, but he was too slow to catch rabbits.  Fredrick Fox, The Fox to some, loved the way rabbits tasted.  However, he could never catch rabbits, only once; and remembered the taste he ever so loved from this one event: and that was sort of a dead rabbit, hit by a car crossing a street earlier that day.

All of the rabbits hated Fredrick and would taunt him with starvation and threats of beating his head in with their enormous rabbits feet.  “Come here Fredrick you fool, you can catch us”, and just as Fredrick would seek up the rabbits would flee laughing at his misfortune.  Fredrick was a terrified killer.  Fredrick was skinny as a bone and ate only when he had to.  He hated chasing rabbits and being harassed.  Turtles of Turtle Den were much easier to catch.


Calvin lived in Turtle Den; Turtle Den was his home.


Calvin was merely hitting middle age, 200 years old, at the time of this story.  Calvin is unfortunately unsure about the future, and sadly, his parents are determined to have him make his own before his next birthday.

Turtles of Turtle Den frowned upon being lazy.  Most turtles of Turtle Den were only passionate about power, money, and security in what they called education.  Others were more relaxed, but shunned.  Most turtles of Turtle Den were stiff shirts until Fredrick Fox came along to rip their lives apart.  With his amazing ability to relax and procrastinate, combined with pondering ideas that intrigued him simultaneously.

First Fredrick Fox took the life of an innocent virgin turtle named Toni.  Toni was only 80 years old and had a poor complexion.  Poor Toni had spots on his face that were hideous bubbles of puss.  Fredrick Fox saw this and merely assumed he was doing Toni a favor by putting him out of his misery, a sort of passive euthanasia.  Fredrick snuck up on Toni while he was bathing, with his shell off, completely nude.  Fredrick pounced on Toni, slicing his throat with one well place swoop of his pointer claw.  Fredrick Fox thought if even a whore had sex with many men and made them feel good, the whore was doing the world a favor, or the disgusting man a favor; because every man she would have coitus with would feel better about themselves, if even for a moment.  Self worth.  Fredrick Fox helped Toni out and only left his shell.  Fredrick Fox cried for hours after he killed Toni.  Fredrick Fox cried the whole time he ate and digested Toni.  This could be what the Last Supper felt like; he may never do this again.


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