Dialogue with God

Dialogue of Thought (draft one)

by Terry Scott on Monday, July 19, 2010 at 2:17am

Scene One: The main character enters and finds a notebook with old writings. He starts to read them as he breaks out in song.

Chase: (Song) The Weather’s nice at first glance, but the walk outside makes you take a chance. For instance the beauty and pain you inflict are one in the same amount. I had to get out. What’s left to talk about? Nothing. I thought to myself why think about this for hours? Take a shower and wash it off. Why don’t you get lost, but come back and talk a bit? You know you’re a bitch, and your shit does smell like it. Names and blames stay the same, but what’s insane is you haven’t changed a bit. Can I talk to the little girl inside of you? The one you hide? Your soft side? Probably not, so lie, run and cry. Let’s not talk til we die (til we die) all right, goodbye. (end song)

Scene Two: Everyone (the main character ) is upset, he speaks to himself in the form of an inner dialogue. He is dressed as a clown, he is wearing clown shoes.

Chase: Aloofness is the proof that it still exists. If you didn’t care the calls would never stop. That’s how you are. I changed your life, I made your security pop! Take the wig and mask off and let’s talk about the situation. YOU LOOK A LOT BETTER WHEN YOU TELL THE TRUTH.

Setting: In a house with its shades drawn. Completely naked and embarrassed.

Chase: (more singing) The shades in this house stay shut! What the fuck? What’s next? Better luck next year. Why am I here, what’s more to fear? Probably death.

Setting: Place of business; everyone is dressed in extremely boring clothing and thinking about leaving immediately.

Chase: (more song) IDK (acronym for I don’t know). come on pay me better I don’t want to be here in the first place. Who likes this type of work anyway? You could do this in five months too, but fuck 35 years of serving the simple for the complexly simple. Let’s be happy though…

Setting: in a car driving somewhere after having a few drinks and talking on a cell phone.

Chase: (spoken word) It’s so simple, the way you move your eyes. Its remarkable how the clouds hang in the sky. And for explanation don’t ask me why. I don’t know, I don’t know tonight. I’ll be saving your life tonight. Ill be fine, yeah, all right. I don’t know, still don’t know. Constantly can’t stand is no way to contemplate the late great now. Somehow, somehow. Treat that girl right, all right. When you go to bed tonight shut out the light for her. 

Setting: Chase has crashed into a tree and is bleeding profusely, he has just enough energy to listen to God sing a song to him.

God singing to Chase: (Song) Grand beauty and fake frames of mind, the threads pull apart after a hard days time and I am fine are you? Picture perfect. Can they feel death when it approaches? Can they make the potion that won’t expose it? Probably not, but in the scheme of things will you remember the moment? Speechless and a pacifist, can you keep a secret?
Smile the beach is nice and this memory is two years old (and more now). Head so cold, thoughts shroud the bold tongue of the (X) one the second (2) one you thought… Too much. What’s what is done no clues to the puzzle, but the evidence is trouble. Come on! So far away today is the least to say. I wonder how one such as yourself chooses prey. Was it not once you who had lesser the advantage? I’ll smash it and show you some answers and damage. THE LIFE YOU RUINED WAS YOUR OWN, THE ENIGMA YOU HAVE CREATED IS MINE. How can your true face be the one you hide the most? This is no game, just everyday life. I wonder how the new crowd will like the same old act.

You remove yourself but the void isn’t empty; thoughts circle. The shadows tempt me. No real motivation to fuck up my situation, but the past and present help my social education. I WONDER WHAT YOUR THOUGHTS ARE LIKE.

Setting: God just stop singing what life is all about. You die and go to heaven.

Chase: Fuck no! Stop, stop obsessing about the past its old news. The monster lives! The monster speaks and its speaks in the form of me!

Setting: The scene of the car crash is located in front of the castle in a Harry Potter film, Chase is making his final plea before he commits to wizardry.

Chase fails his wizardry test and is turned into a spare tire.

God hates Chase.

The End.


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