Sordid Sorts

Strictly speaking, the tenacity of the movement is slacking.  No boundaries, no limitations, hardly an expectation in mind; lost and blinded by freedom and power.  He works, he eats, he sleeps, he dies; he is remembered, but why?


His sort does not focus eyes enough to realize he is not moving, yet he changes position enough claim he is progressive in comparison.

Offensive and dangerous, but only mentally, and in a paltry sense of the word, he walks along, alone, as though the world did not exist, and still doesn’t.  He lives within it.

Cannot copy and paste the wasted time and file it with other moments only to remember it as fruitful and divine.  Lacking in everything and there is a want for nothing.  Dreams fulfilled, but whose dreams?  Goals met, but even bad people have goals, hopes, and dreams.


Cutting rotten fruit to make a fresh salad will not make it taste the same; the name is nice though.

Hands bound with easily cut material; as a knife lay stretched in eyesight, hands struggle and fail to get free.  Feet, as useless as table legs, stuck to the ground they do not hold you up; they become useless as it were.  The grains of sand around you sink and swallow you eventually: coping made easy:  Apathy.

I swallow my self-worth for a moment before I swallow you whole.  I should not be sorry, but I was raised right.  I should not be sorry, but I have a heart.

I live in a big city; the heat is high and winter is crisp.  I wish I could control the climate and the amount of hits on the list.  Yeap, that’s what she says.  Some people can’t handle it.  Some of the girls I know are the harshest people ever.  Some of the girls I know would put mercenaries to shame.  It’s true, sorry.  Ha, ha.


Yeap, that is how it is.  Cavalier with people, I am cavalier until you have empathy.




Sordid sorts and all, misery loves company, so come join me while I smile.


About Terry Scott Niebeling

Hello, My name is Terry Scott, a human being with flaws. twitter: @sirterryscott Buy my ebooks:
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