FDAFN: Day 2

The new Muddy Water’s is doing well.  The new Muddy Water’s is doing well.  I heard you.  Margarita Pizza was good and the hummus bean dip was great.

Abby says:  P.S. if its only day two of your celibacy crap, please quit now cause you are already too bitchy to handle.  Thanks Abs.


Everyone is bitching at me because of stuff like this, like not having sex.  More people seem unhappy that I am not doing something enjoyable than I am.


The wildest place in North America is?  My bedroom.  It used to be but not now.  Up until yesterday that is, or three or four days ago now.


What day is it?  Asked again-What day is it?  Its only day 2 and time is flying.


Coffee at 7:35 pm- I am allergic and addicted.  This is how it all ends.  Everyone hates me after 40 days and I have no friends.  That’s my prediction.

Again, watching The Big Lebowski.  Hailey looks unimpressed- this is a reference in my FDAFN Series.


I want to get a motorcycle really bad, two of them just drove by and then a rollerblader bladed past. 


Teleportation- everything has to be robot ready though.


I am doing the opposite.  I think that sort of shocks people.  Like a test.  No one wants to take the test, but everyone wants the results.  Trust me it sucks.


Harass me about Loring Park-harass me about…


T:  I like my coffee like I like my girls.  H:  You don’t put any sugar or cream in that?  T:  No.  H:  Oh my God.  T:  Ha ha.


T:  Coffee is like a drug; that is like a drug.  That is very dangerous shit right there.


My touch lamp is futuristic and sexual.

Carter Broer- I’ll watch out for your sister for ya.  Thanks.


I failed to meet for tennis because of a righteous hangover.  That was a few days ago, it seems forever ago though.  Rescheduled to tomorrow.  Spent too much on credit card, but it was awesome.  New Muddy’s is great.

Apparently, I am a douche and a nerd- or something directly in between.  I can’t be categorized, as Hailey said while staring blankly at me from across the table.  I don’t care the coffee is keeping me up.  The movies are putting me to sleep.  No touch Minneapolis.

The Big Lebowski was watched in sections today.

I polish the lenses of my glasses and receive a text.  For a moment I bit my nails, shuffle my notebook, and an old lover letter falls out amongst envelopes and stamps.  The note is multicolored and irrelevant.


I have never woken from a stupor and asked myself have I killed someone.  I am sure others have.


I finagled it.

Success day 2 of FDAFN


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