We collect things.  People, individuals as a whole, collect things.  Our collections consist of moments, ideas, passion, relationships, and dislikes.

To summarize:  Moments are collected through memorializational recognition, as in, déjà vu, as in, remembering something that is familiar and recalling it mentally.  A sudden understanding of, “I have been here before.”  We commemorate you.  You smile and accept this idea.  This is a memory; remember?

Ideas are collected through cognitive recognition by a sudden realization of truth fact, and or, science, of a subject of interest.  Endless as they are, people fixate and obsess about similar ideas and beliefs to feel as a community with one another.  Others have unique and never before conceived thoughts.  I think therefore I am.  I am passion.  What ideas come to mind?

Passion is collected through an expectation of situation, a familiar moment, an idea of what one person is fervidly destined to exist with; create, consume, and relinquish themselves of a the proper time, but no sooner.  Passion is pure and right, relative, to the sole person involved, and as serious as a heart attack.  Relationships build off of this and come to a close when it is lacking.

Relationships are collected through passion and interaction, which comes from a memory or an idea of what is possible between two people, or more.  Relationships begin as ideas and become realizations of what clearly can and possibly already exists within; to describe this would take 7 billion thoughts, commonalities, and experiences all rolled in to one to relate in text.  Scholars and philosophers would be hard pressed to create a solution to definitely describe relationships without certainty of fault.  It is a dead topic to the point of certain extinction of horses.  You can beat it, but I dislike that idea.

Dislikes are made up of all of the above:  Poor relationships create dislike.  Terrible moments, trapped in the memory, create dislike.  Iniquitous ideas create dislike.  Passion that has come full circle to reveal flaws without enlightenment will create dislike.  One might dislike dislikes.  It is likely.  Hopefully this was not a let down.

In reflection:  Collecting things can be overbearing to an individual, but lacking any of said above collectables may lead to an uneventful boring lifestyle.  What is situational is merely momentarily a distraction from what’s really happening around you.

I collect ******.


About Terry Scott Niebeling

Hello, My name is Terry Scott, a human being with flaws. twitter: @sirterryscott Buy my ebooks:
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One Response to Collectables…

  1. korahomes says:

    This is my favorite piece you have written. It is thoughtful, it transitions well, and it concludes with a statement. I think it is profound and speaks many things that most people prefer not to relish in. I love how focused you have made it. Cheers to you! Simply amazing my friend.

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