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FYI: To those who vote, or are republican, or are politically minded at all.

*Incase you missed this on my Facebook, or you were too whatever to read it.  I suggest you have a go.

by Terry Scott on Friday, November 11, 2011 at 6:00pm

In case you didn’t know Political Parties own certain television stations.  The information you see, as in, one candidate moving above another in “the polls” is just a testing of  the waters, if you will i.e. gauging the voter’s response through number of viewers.  Honestly, there is already a candidate picked for the Republican side.  Cain is out, Perry is out, Bachmann is out, and is insane and immensely stupid, blah blah blah.  You know.  Here it is, Mitt Romney is going to win the Republican primary, because, and only because, Ron Paul is too liberal for most conservatives, he would have the best chance of winning actually, as an aside.

Obama wins in 12′ as a prediction, even though the racists and conservatives don’t believe so.  Numbers tell me different, anyone who votes republican, that isn’t a billionaire, this year and/or without checking their policies will be killing the environment, raising their own taxes, lower corporate taxes, and fucking the U.S. with foreign policy faux pas.  Obama’s ratings are low now, yeah sure, but honestly, who controls the channels you view?  Also, who knows who Obama is anyway?  Know your enemy, I learned this valuable adage, apparently Republicans can’t figure it out.  I would not want to fight an invisible alien, because I can’t see it and I don’t know what it is all about, or how it would go about killing me.  I guess they won’t be able to pin anything on him.  He is sort of like an invisible alien, he is ambiguous and that scares people.  He is nameless, but he is doing what he can with what he started out with.

Lastly, Do you watch Fox?  Fair and balanced, yeah?  If Fox was fair and balanced they would have other ideas than the right extremist conservative’s view.  I may be going out on a limb here, but if that is fair and balanced then I am Darth Vader, and most likely not your father, but Luke’s.

I am not dogging on any political party, or venue of information.  I am merely saying it is a game.  Are you broke?  Do you work a lot at a job you hate?  Then maybe you should check that facts instead of turning on Fox and getting a boner, then bragging about it to your friends and claiming Fox media is right.  Because honestly, they are Right, Extremely Right.  Either way, if you are over 3 years old you have been under a Republican President and a Democratic President, so where is the difference?  Can you tell me that things are really changing all that much?  Let it slide.

I am sure if something were really going to happen it would have already taken place already.  Parties are just a distraction from the real problems that plague our society:  rampant capitalism, extreme poverty, class war, and the like; starvation, in other countries, capital punishment, suicide, guns, drugs, real drugs, not weed, and alcoholism, these are the problems I worry about.

I think the Political charged problems fixate individuals into a system where it feeds off of their labors and inconveniences, if you will.

I see it daily someone on the same level as me talking about how big government is screwing them, or how Republicans, Democrats, and independents aren’t doing anything for them.  Maybe its cause they have the wrong idea.  Instead of asking something from the Government or a Politician you should ask something of yourself.  Do something for your country, this isn’t a fashion show, or a reality television sitcom, this is actuality.  And actually when have you seen someone do something positive while standing around and bitching about how others are not doing something to help them out?  Pull your asses off your hands and get to work helping out society.  Help your friend, or your neighbor.

Check the facts, check a different station, don’t solidify yourself on baseless ideas.  Grow up, and go out and do it!

Thank you,



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