New Years, Starting Tomorrow

Starting tomorrow titles will be more relevant to the season.  Real words will be used tomorrow, ain’t that a shame?  Shhhhh…..  Ain’t that shit?

Minds will start expanding and combine; like-minded information, important ideas, this will take place tomorrow in every situation.  Tomorrow will be 2011, a week from now tomorrow will be 2012.

Starting tomorrow memos will be sought after, hoarded as if they are tokens of promise, and hope for the future.  Tomorrow bad news will be asked of out of boredom.  Tomorrow the world will be flipped on its side, on its flat surface.  Tomorrow the world won’t be round, don’t be a square.  Tomorrow, if that happens, most will panic and get scared.  Tomorrow most will be unaware.

A doctor’s visit will be similar to witnessing a favorite standup comic, tomorrow that is, only. Laughs will be prescribed, and the prognosis will be the afterthought, nothing but smiles.  No life expectancy tomorrow, no how long will we live?

Tomorrow the lives of millions will change by chance, not by choice for the better, or worse.  Tomorrow cultures will start to use their voice.  Ahem.

Building a Nuclear bomb in a game is insane, but nuclear bombs exist in real-life, simply asinine, mostly inane.  Tomorrow we’ll make it change.  What have the world and its leaders been teaching, and practicing, and preaching to human beings?

Tomorrow there will be a new anew.  Tomorrow there will be something to believe in.  Tomorrow someone will take their first step, tomorrow someone will take their last step and regret naught.  Tomorrow people will use euphemisms to describe a horrible deed, tomorrow those same people will commit acts of violence and hypocrisy.  Tomorrow those people will deny.  Tomorrow they didn’t do it.

Tomorrow euphemisms won’t exist; straight, no chaser.

Independent animals always come back around to join the crowd.

The trip to the cemetery will be afforded tomorrow and paid for today in a process.  The cost is cheap, but most will live their whole lives in order to pay their way.

Bright light from the mid-day sun fixed over bluffs, lengthened tree and stone shadows on the flat earthy surface.  Winds blew crisp air about, hugging, caressing, and scarring any exposed flesh.  How unprepared; the lack of layers suggested a lack of thought process on one’s part dressing earlier.  Now, how unprepared?  Blue skies above all else.  The ground remained brown as the season reached almost, as we pray, mid-point.  Water flowed through the valley until it became trapped and frozen.  Particles were visibly trapped inside.  Vegetation stood semi-lively, yet wholly confused with climate hesitation and infrequency, lack there of change.  In time trees had grown through rusted iron fences; stretching, pulling, and bending.  Metallic contortionists; professionally persistent, laconically expressive, fixed centuries in the clearing undeterred.  Names engraved on stones, covered with dirt and debris, screamed to the eye:  view me, remember us, your time will soon come.

Bodies stood above, taking in their surroundings as corpses lay within the dirt below not a sound was made.  The account was a moment, the moment passed as the party which stood left to ponder the situation at last.

Rest in peace.

P.S.  I can and will sell you a five dollar word.


About Terry Scott Niebeling

Hello, My name is Terry Scott, a human being with flaws. twitter: @sirterryscott Buy my ebooks:
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One Response to New Years, Starting Tomorrow

  1. korahomes says:

    This is by far my favorite post of yours. It strings all days together and combines present with past and future. Great job!

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