Sleeping through a Lecture

She loves Blue Cheese dressing, the real shit.  She doesn’t like the cheap stuff.  Won’t even touch it.  I was going to buy her some when I was home.  A big bottle.  I was going to get her some and bring it up.  But that weekend she left me.  The weekend before, we still talked.  She left me anyway, for Chicago.  She left me to think about things.  So we got together yesterday to talk it out and such.  I felt we didn’t need to do any explainin’, not much to say.  Nothing really.  Ended the fucking and all, and that was it.  How it goes.  She said we weren’t right for each other’s personality types, but we should talk anyway.  Said we argued too much as she argued her point.  I sat tacit in agreement.  We just don’t get along she kept repeating exhaustingly.  I could hardly eat my sushi I was so interested in her ideas.  She asked me, “Do you argue and fight with everyone you encounter?”  I said, “I have good friends and I have people who don’t understand me, but I wouldn’t say it’s an argument thing.  Its more of a way to not waste my time talking about things that don’t matter to me.  You know, things I don’t care about.”  Then she said, “Well, you bring out the worst in me, I hate the way I become when I am around you.”  I thought about that for a second.  I thought damn I have that power to make things, I was making her.  Like God, sort of.  I thought, maybe I don’t want that.  Maybe I am just a little simpler than that.  Then I said, “I guess maybe you shouldn’t come around anymore, cause I don’t want to make you nothing at all.”  She looked at me real confused for a moment like she wanted me to say something and said, “Why are you smiling, why are you doing that with your face?”  I sat there across from her and thought about how I couldn’t help but smile.  I didn’t say anything really after that.  I had made something.  I had made myself a smile on my face, and I saved a few bucks on Blue Cheese.  🙂  Bliss.


About Terry Scott Niebeling

Hello, My name is Terry Scott, a human being with flaws. twitter: @sirterryscott Buy my ebooks:
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