Jobless and Sad? I got the Remedy.

Might I suggest that those lacking jobs, a guided purpose, or ambition for doing what they love, also have extremely large amounts of fixated drama and unhealthy stress in their lives?

Not having a job can be counter balanced with creating trivial stress within and without a person’s life, easily.  This is great.  Thus making it more interesting and advantageous for those involved, particularly for the administrator of the stressful banalities, and for those wanting no part in it, easier to find an exit.  Precluding a normal, or healthy friendship from blossoming into something more, something worthwhile, something for both parties.

It’s not so bad though…

I came across this thought:

For some time I have been studying individuals without jobs, or those “looking” or “sort of looking for work”or those basically fornicating for the purpose of a Plan B investment or those working jobs that they hate.  (An aside:  I still should buy stock, maybe I will when I am done being ambitious.)  And I have noticed the negativity.  Why do something you truly dislike?  You don’t have to.  It’s about forgetting tradition, it’s about growing up.  Watch Fight Club maybe?


From this study:

What I found was an earful.  Wow.  I really couldn’t help but smile and get yelled at.  This study was fun and I have come to a few thought check-points (novice says conclusion), you know, because conclusions are simply expediting the halting of expansion of the mind.  Stop, don’t stop.  Got it?  Process.  Good.

At this moment, I have a few jobs, so I can assume that I am the control group of this simpleton study and the other group, the jobless sods, are the treatment group.

There is no bias in the study. 😉

Over a period of time, about a year, I have noticed those without jobs seem to create more stress around themselves, and the stress, this stress being based on things that really don’t matter:

The interesting thing about the treatment group is the stress the individuals create is almost never about finding a job it is stress about something unrelated and superficial.  Or maybe it is about finding a job, but it is about finding a job at NASA for someone going to a technical school/or someone who recently dropped out of one.  A small caveat:  I am attending MCTC, but I am not looking towards NASA for a job, so I am technically not disparaging the education I am receiving…

However back to the point, the moment I lack a job, the moment I lack inspiration, the moment I lack purpose, the moment I lack monetary security, I become concerned about getting it back.  The treatment group in this study seems to unconcerned and obsessed with vanity, negativity, social acceptance, and avoidance of facts.

Realistically, no one really gives a shit if a so called friend is acting like a child and playing mind games over board games, drinking, or artwork, really. Most would just count that friend out for a moment and figure it out later, after that person grows up a bit.   The friendship is put on hold at that moment mostly because A. friends don’t play that card, and B. who wants a friend like that? and C. Who is that serious about people acting like a child and playing mind games anyway?  Its trivial get over it.  No one likes to drag things out.

My point:

Not having a job gives an individual plenty of time to think of something semi-important issue to suggest about a situation and complain about it for decades.  And this only happens because the person conceiving this idea doesn’t have to stress about a job.  The reason that no one cares is because most people don’t have time to deal with bullshit because they have to deal with a job, but those without jobs have plenty of time to deal with bullshit, therefore they are free to indulge as they choose and string along others.  Creating or destroying and such, although never letting go.

But is it really a choice?

Stressing about a job is a bitch.  When you get a job you are told to learn everything about a specific part of everyday society that is mostly overlooked, mind the boss, and make sure to follow all the rules.  Or you will get fired!

These traditions, these time honored work norms are the first step at becoming impotent in real life; this is just the start of a lifestyle where you fade yourself into time card punching oblivion.  You give yourself to a job and you lose your mind, along with your ethos, and all respect for what you do.  Are we not cultured?  I see the benefit of this trade off, it’s totally positive and realistic.  Get the check, pay the taxes, pay the bills, live in sorrow, and keep working.  Each check you get closer to debt and you can almost afford rent.  Each month, every night waking up in a cold sweat for working hard and not making enough, nightmaring about real issues.  That is how I sleep.  And just think, you got to buy beer to make it through the week.  Love it.  And people without jobs still have time to make more problems, more issues.  These cats got nothing to complain about in real life, so that’s why their arguments are rational.  Getting a job obviates all mindless chatter, discussion, and disagreements.

Let’s find these annoying loud-mouth loafers a job.  Posthaste, fucking anywhere, please!

You get one of these so called jobs and guess what you got nothing to complain about.  (I might get another job because I am almost complaining enough to need one, but I have a point.)

My point 2:

The key difference in my argument between, someone who works, and someone who doesn’t, is meaning; my time means money, the moment I sit down to listen I am giving you enough attention to take to the bank.  I care, I care about myself and others.  I could be writing, I could be watching a dog, I could be washing dishes, prep-cooking, looking for more work, but I am listening.  Being a good listener is a benefit, but it is also a targeted position and that is why a lot of people are attracted to it. Most people love talking about themselves to anyone, making a listener (anyone with ears) highly important and sought after individual to the general public.

Time is precious, time is what the worker gives and fully understands the value of.  Those who don’t give time find it hard to understand.  That is why I am very surprised, and I love surprises, when people looked at me with a shocked expression when I say get to the point.  Tell me what the point is.  End your story with a point, my life is ticking away.

My favorite answer is this (and I get this a lot, from 2 specific individuals from the same location):

I already told you, you should know…

Try that one on for size.

She already told us, we should know…

Complaining makes those with nothing to complain about feel important.  There really is nothing left to talk about, or say at this point.  The friendship is void, the argument is weak, and all time taken has been wasted.


A 3rd Point:

(of which I have read before and sort of agreed with, but now agree with more) is people with jobs feel important, and this important feeling brings them to a level above dramatic bullshit.  A level that is above, asking for sex to get turned down to argue with you about being friends and leaving.  A level that is, um, shall we say human?  Being a human being is great, but most human beings work, making this relation harder to relate to for those without jobs.  They work at reading, they work at being a good person, they work at something and it doesn’t have to be a job generally speaking.  They want to fit in, they want to feel like everyone else, but they don’t want to apply for a job, or take some time out of their stressful day to do something positive.  Where is the initiative?  Maybe someday they will astound themselves by taking a walk through the park and getting some sun, maybe opening a book.  Ah, words, dreams, my imagination.  They don’t want to work weekend evenings, they don’t want to network, or build their resumes.  They want to sit and complain, take advantage of time while making nothing substantial in an attempt to get a feeling of accomplishment out of it.  Am I backwards?  Backwards I am?

But you only get what you give.

My grandma is more accomplished right now sitting in her bed all day because she worked her whole life and she didn’t complain about it ever.  Tell me what its like to be you, young wise and jobless genius.  Tell me what I don’t know, because I have been there and the thing that helped out was getting out and doing something.


You see the people on Jerry Springer?  You want to know why those people are fucking everyone they know, bitching about everything, and all jealous without any self respect and still unhappy?  Its because none of them have a job.  Even a job at Mc Donald’s can afford an individual the opportunity of feeling sort of important.  I mean someone has to be in control of the fries, someone has to work the cash register, someone has to say, “Can I take your order?”,

someone must sweep the parking lot of ill placed crumpled-up plastic wrappings and cigarette butts sucked on and forgotten, tossed in the wind like all hope.

 (At one point I worked at Mc Donald’s and right then I really had something to talk about; I hated work at that moment, the fakeness of the people above me, the unrealistic idea of hierarchy, fucking customers.  I was smarter than they were and I was being fucked cash-wise(high school smartass know it all with a job), but I had something to talk about.  $5.15 an hour or something and I was better off living with my mom and talking about my job than most adults without a job now.  She said “no money no funny.” and I believed her after I got a job, but I didn’t really know until then that I had to make that money on my own.   How much fun it could be.  My spending was worth something.  That business counts.)

Fuck, I did it for 8 years (all kinds of jobs), now I sit in a condo downtown writing, watching dogs while kicking back and checking flicks on a flat-screen telly, listening to Laura play the grand piano, and thinking about how to make more money and how the chandelier hangs so straight.  I might go outside on the balcony, but that is only at the moment.  I am living a lifestyle for a moment, no complaints.

Everyone asks how I do it.

I did it like this, here is how I did my moment:

I didn’t have a bad attitude about horrible things happening to me (all the time, people might not know that), I wasn’t afraid of doing something that most people around me disagreed with, I didn’t try, I did better than most people thought I could while doing the bare minimum of what my potential was/is, without expending myself.  Its not over.  People talk a lot, but the people who do actually make their lives happen make their lives happen.  I don’t just sit around writing about things I want to do all day and not actually do them.  I would say 85% of the stories I write are true life experiences, that is what creative non-fiction is, and you want to know why?  Because I go outside on walks without a map, without direction, for hours upon hours after working, while working.  I don’t look for things, things come to me.  Interesting and insightful, but most will sit around on the couch, at the house in front of a television, definitely not reading a book, wondering why.  Why?  Why have I not measured up?  The answer would be impossible odds.  NO!  No one is measuring, I think you might be putting to much time into things that don’t actually matter.  Like vanity and status.  All the complaints, all the thought, all the dissatisfaction, ah, those are all in your head.  Try wearing a smile, or drill a hole in your head and let those evil thoughts escape, silly.  There is no measure of man, its all made up.  I frequently see people aiming at the stars when the atmosphere above their head hasn’t even been penetrated, nay, they haven’t even left the ground.

This is a highly important thought(rant/abusive language) about vanity:

(Go fix Korea when you can’t even fix yourself and your friendships; show them what America is all about.  You know, fucking people over and making fake friends.  Maybe feed the rabbit that is starving on your porch; dehydrated and emaciated for days in the dark.  Karma may be a bitch someday?  Or even kick out, and tell the honest truth to the stalker desperado who lives in your backyard and mostly at his mom’s house, working towards a relationship so fake it would make sluts cry.  To weep about shit I could care less about, kind of.  Only I had to tell it as it was; what he wanted to hear from you.  Taking charge can be OOC, son.  Some people are meant for one other.  So it might be harder for you to influence a different culture, society, country than it will be to influence yourself for the better.  That is a heads up in case you were wondering.)

And *poof.

We all have to grow up but I am still a kid at heart.  🙂

The most powerful weapon in the world is the Truth.  I can’t lie about that.


And a lot of people wonder why I tell them to delete my number from their contact list.  They wonder, and then they come sneaking around my house, or sending me letters, or gifts, or things I don’t need.  The door is unlocked, same number, same hood, and its all good.  (If you want my address, my phone number, or any other information you can get it if you ask.)  But they keep calling me to tell me I am an asshole, or I don’t care about anything, or its over when it hasn’t even began or existed.  So I maybe should just tell them they sound like broken records.  Abby says they like Jokers.  They got to like big smiles and always being let down.

I once was asked if I hated everything.  I couldn’t find an answer.  But I really loved that question.  

I wonder why?  I wonder, because I am mostly happy all the time.  Maybe because I care about myself and I don’t have time for malarkey, especially from those not investing in life,  the real joy of life, or in friendships, realistically.

“Don’t confuse passion with anger.”  -A horrible Republican Candidate

You want to know why ghosts can’t kill?  Because they are dead, they don’t exist.  Don’t be dead, be alive.  Kill things, make things happen.  🙂

I hope it was a ghost though because I miss my Grandpa.  


I don’t know, I really feel the book I am reading right now is opening my eyes.  It basically says don’t fear anything at all.  Say what you have to say and worry about yourself, don’t think about hateful, depressing, or negative things for more than a moment, and *poof, imagine them gone, think beyond the bad thoughts and you are there alone, alone and happy.  After that people will come to you.  You will have everything you need brought to you.  (I like to think of Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men, he just let things come to him.)  You are by yourself with happiness.  No one can touch you.  What most people don’t understand is that what truly makes you happy is yourself.

If you don’t have a job, if you don’t have something to do you feel unimportant.  Interesting enough, when people quit doing things they love, and they feel they have nothing left to live for, or create, they die.  People who do nothing are setting themselves up to die, while killing those around them by talking ish that has no means, or end to anything.  Don’t get a job, or maybe get a job, and love it.  Do something with love, and run with it.

Don’t twist my words and try to get something golden out of them they mean nothing, its just there.  Its there for all to see, look in the mirror.  The only thing you can do is believe in yourself.  For me I see it, its there for you, but you can tell yourself that.  Believe it or not.

I am sick of working on it, but I can also say I am in love with it to death. 

You can have everything and nothing, and its all the same, but the only things you need are love and a progressive catalyst.  I drove a BMW last week, I am living in a condo this week, my real house is a pantry and my real car is broken.  I am a dishwasher and not a saint.  I love, I try not to hate.  I am sexual and love passion.  I love everything around me and I try to smile most days.  It is all the same, everyday.  I can’t complain.  I am trying to expand my mind into infinity while overlooking the negative and appreciating all.  My motivation is to not fail, and by doing something I am not doing nothing.



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