On A Rainy Day

Introduction:  I am a scribe for 3 blogs; mindinversion.net, dirtyterry.wordpress.com, and minneapolisscene.wordpress.com.  I am a 24 year old multi-millionaire and I lie about it to everyone.  I pretend to be cocky in order to trick people into situations and I dye my hair blond because I am envious of blonds, and fully, 120 percent, brunette.  So, hello you.   I wash dishes and I am telling the truth.

Mindinversion.net is a serious music blog for the connoisseur of underground, seldom heard of, acts.  It was co-created by myself and Ryan Beasters, it is currently owned by Eric.  That is all I can say (legally) and that is why I am so well off.

Dirtyterry.wordpress.com is written in a hand that reflects my 16-23 year old self.  I am no longer this person, only in vocab, well sometime in childish endeavors.  Whatever, to the better.

Minneapolisscene.wordpress.com is strictly poetry.  As I say, it has no pictures because it is not a coloring book.  If you like poetry hit it up, if you don’t go fly a kit with yourself and read more.

This is what I was about to write for my other blog, Mindinversion.net:

Welcome back Mindinversion.net readers, it has definitely been awhile.  Since we last left you one of us has graduated, and others have been occupied with school and work, as it goes.  And such, possibly getting laid, maybe getting paid etc…  Or maybe none of the above, but definitely not writing, or writing papers for class, or maybe just writing outside of the confines of a blog.

Thank, and no thank you, wordpress.com for still having us.

One thing that has not happened is:  Mindinversion.net will not be 2nd to another music blog in the Midwest, ever.  Well, maybe in numbers and followers, but it won’t be the least underground, it will be the most underground in comparison, because we are living in or from La Crosse.  And we drink a shit-ton more than anyone else i.e. making us more useful and dangerous than anyone else in the world ever.


So, since I graduated I figured I would blow up the spot, and not literally (attention:  all you government officials reading), and show you some music that has been influencing me as of late.

Dudes been on my nutz about posting shit, so I gotz a spot for him.  Right here.

Since I am uber famous in Minneapolis and all, I figured I would give a shout out to those of us working really hard to be like me.  Its hard; you got to know someone; know everyone; and not know yourself.

*You know most people through the friends you have.*

If you can do this then you are on top of your ish and owe it to the world to promote others AND YOURSELF.

I figured this out after I hung out with only underground hip-hop artists for the last ten months of my life, if you think its fun it’s not.  I almost bought a shotgun with one shell, but I got past it with yoga and mind expansion.  It is basically the opposite of enjoying a good beer or having a great conversation with a beautiful random person.  I mean I got a lot of folks that tell me they will kill for me, so I think I can say whatever I want now.

I hate water.  Water tastes bad sometimes and I don’t like that.

I hate waking up, rolling over, and having the girl next to me tell me to move her car.  Just cause I promised I would move it in the morning does not mean now, at 8 am.

I also hate heat rash.

I hate thinking about working.

Sic-em bro!

One thing to remember when hanging out with your favorite artist/friend is they won’t stop talking about their newest work.  Maybe bring ear plugs, or maybe bring an Ipod, or even a book. They do not lack the heart though or volume, only the talent.  I will give them that.  I promised them I would.

There are a lot of Talkers but not a lot of Doers.  

If you want to know what an up and coming hip-hop artist sounds like I will tell you, they sound awesome, but they sound awesome only if you like hearing a broken record 100 percent of the time, all day, everyday, and you are in Neverland riding unicorns.

…It is that good.  Drown some kittens if you can’t imagine the sound.

I would rather read a book only written in spanish.

I would rather do dishes non-stop and get paid in donkey shit.

I would rather date someone who hated themselves and depend on that person for moral support.

I would rather…

Wait I do that.  Fuck.  Its like doing the impossible, and honestly telling them how it sounds.  Yeah right.

It sounds good.

What do you mean?

It sounds good.


Yeah, it sounds fine…

C’mon, tell me how it really sounds.

Well it sounds good, it sounds like sort of like Atmosphere and other indie-rap and its cool.


Ha… Well no, its been done before.  Sorry.


See there is no real conclusion.

*if I want to listen to songs about girls, drinking, or growing pains I will listen to Atmosphere, Slugs got it covered.


And I believe them until I get to the of it all promotion, and that is a different story.

Oh man, the promotion of underground hip-hop is so cool.

Here is what it’s like:

I am like talking to this girl who is talking to this guy who is talking to this girl who I talk with and I know and we all know and its funny, and they know someone.  I am guessing that is some 2012 enigma.  I don’t care, they do.  The best part of dealing with an artist is you truly stop caring, but only because others care so much.

I do care.

I only care about my family and my close friends.

I like my blog, I dislike social media, I dislike the money I make, and the only motivation I have is to get fully awakened, get a job, and make enough money to live comfortably before I die so I can brag about it to whomever I am lucky enough to be around on my deathbed, and get credit.  To some extent.

My legacy is made of words, the internet won’t die with me.  😉

Also, I like dogs.

But what about the music?  Is it worth a listen, is the legacy really that solid.

I have heard it and I can say its going to be around for awhile.


But they tell me I am young.

But they tell me I am good at what I do, and they like it.

Sometimes they shrug.

You see?


And he thought he was hip-hop.

The Notorious B.I.G. didn’t rap (at first to be cool) he started rhyming because it was essential to his livelihood, as opposed to selling crack.  He would have died way faster.

Get like that.  Rap on the street and jump in front of cars.  Blow your brains out.  There you go.

1st world problems are so sad, and cynical, and fixable.

I could rhyme about it but this isn’t my poetry blog.

Plug:  Minneapolisscene.wordpress.com for poetry.

Some work is prime, some work is prime shit.

And I realized I could never right this, or write this.  Because it doesn’t exist…


About Terry Scott Niebeling

Hello, My name is Terry Scott, a human being with flaws. twitter: @sirterryscott Buy my ebooks: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1/191-4788099-1818040?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=terry+scott+niebeling
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