Bullying: Haters Gonna Hate

Yes, I was hating on Fritzy for his pajamas.  Love you Fritzers!

Undeniably, as we turn on our television (neglecting a book) and get our daily views we will notice news pieces on bullying, how it is detrimental to our mentality (mental health), how it is aggressive and a horrible thing, how it is omnipresent and gaining momentum, and how it is taking over the world as we know it!  Oh, no.

You might notice that bullying is a trending idea.  I wonder why bullying matters so much?  Considering bullying does nothing but make people stronger, more interesting, and forces people to actually think.

Bullying matters because it is an important part of growing up and an integral part of life.

Anyone who thinks bullying is bad is wrong, and therefore a fool.

These people are off, because they are idiots and don’t have girlfriends.  Think about that.

What is bullying?  Bullying:  Intense social banter brought to you by your peers, and I mean peers because they are still peers, they are not your friends yet, but they eventually they will be your friends I am sure of it.  Positive thinking gets you places.  I am sure you have a ton of to soon be friends.  🙂

Or maybe its how you take it.  I like mine straight; no sugar, no cream.

Life happens, buddy.

Bullying is dangerous!!!  Believe that though, that’s the headline.

Bullying is great for you.  

I think of it as I think of Guns and Roses’ Welcome to the Jungle; pretty straightforward, and inevitably when listening to classic radio it is going to be heard.  Its awesome, its in your face, and its old, but you can still rock out to it every time it happens to find my ear. Same thing as with bullying, although with bullying there is less of the sad and pouty Axl Rose.

I dare to say bullying isn’t such a bad thing.  I guess, unless you are super ugly, or super obese, or super nerdy, or a super virgin, or constantly embarrassing, then it is probably bad.

I have an idea that bullying benefits us as individuals.  And bullying (intense social banter) is highly important to personal growth and self-understanding/expansion.

Hot or Not.  

Bullying is a hot topic right now, so interesting, apparently, that it is in the news, in papers, in books, in theaters (and in most capitalistic ventures, astonishingly), and here.  It seems to be a big money maker and a topic of conversation for worrisome mothers who are bored with reading about processed food, which they eat, which makes them overweight and unhappy.  But what for?

The issue of kids picking on other kids has been in existence since the beginning of time.  Slight childish banter, calling someone tubby, picking on someone for being a little different, special, even unique, etc., is so dangerous and important.  Why is there a huge to-do about it, why now are parents, teachers, and counselors so perplexed about the age old “problem” of bullying?

Because they are little girls?

Because not everyone likes little Joey!?!?!

Because they are too winded from clucking to run scared?

Because they are running out of put downs?

Because they have spent too much money on Depends shitting their pants about trivial ideas in the media?

Because they are capricious and latch (momentarily) to any idea put forth?

Because they are not clever enough to make or take a joke?

Because they don’t read?

Because parents live vicariously through their children because they are ashamed of their own childhood, because they never stood up for themselves and they are hyper-protective?

And because America is becoming a melting pot for dumb losers?

Yes, all of these.

-Say what you got to say-

These are some objective reasons as to why bullying is so hot right now (above).

Call it what it is.

But we have to be honest about bullying.  It does exist, and it is everywhere, and it is exciting me!!!  Oh, God!

Haters gonna hate, I love haters.  I love the idea of being creative, relevant, and thoughtful provoking.  My friends would be way more boring if they weren’t so preoccupied with trying to hate on everyone and everything.  Daily, its like they don’t have jobs they just sit around thinking about new jokes to try and burn me with.  We would waste a lot of time doing nothing if it weren’t for bullying.

Life changing.

I can honestly say bullying has changed my life for the better and I will make an argument on how bullying builds children into more gritty and tenacious people.

Let me preface by saying at a time I was overweight and made fun of daily for almost no apparent reason other than that I was wearing a target on my back by looking scared, sad, unkempt, and open to conversation.

Had I not been bullied I would have never made note of how out of shape I was, and my poor health choices.  I immediately began a workout regiment and I ate healthier, and eventually I became very satisfied and happy with myself.  My bullies brought that too my attention, and I am certain I am at less risk of heart-attack, diabetes, and other health related illness.  I am also not lonely and I feel moderately fit and attractive most days.  I am more social, and from time to time I wonder how those shitheads that harassed me are doing.  They are probably homeless, or living with their mother’s, or dead, and definitely sad about their lives.  This makes me wonder if they lacked a compassionate bully in their lives.

What about standing up for yourself?

As a child one of the things I knew about being picked on was I would have the opportunity to stand up for myself.  I will suggest that this made me a more clever and quick thinking person.  After being disparaged by other kids (probably 1-2 years older than I was) for years, I decided to step up for myself instead of running.  I would just annoy the shit out of anyone stupid enough to try and pick words with me.  Maybe, I know you are but what I am?  What’s a hundred times a hundred, or any random number worked, or a mother joke?  These are timeless classics, my childhood was complete.  I loved the banter and still do.  I am less sensitive to real-life problems and I have equanimity in times of intense scrutiny.

As a child I knew what my enemies were going to say before they said anything because they were not clever.  After awhile I just ignored the calls, I found that harassment was a two way street, if I didn’t hear the negative words then they failed.  If I obviated the situation it was no situation at all.  (Don’t invite vampires in your house, everyone should know this.)  Bullies hate failing.  Essentially, if they are not heard then they don’t exist rendering them useless and ineffective.  Most bullies wish to be everything but normal, special and noticed if you will.  This actually hurts the bully.

The best lesson I learned as a child was to stand up for myself, and also to ignore things that were not important.  Also, had I not been bullied I would not have needed to stand up for myself.  I assume standing up for what you believe in helps in a job setting, in a real-life walk down the street, and in a situation where someone is trying to take advantage of you.  I have full advantage of myself.  Thank you bullies.

Must we always be coddled?  

First of all, if I didn’t have my friends calling me a pussy all the time where would I be?  I would probably be crying because no one cares about me and my pussiness, or jobless, in poor health, and pitying myself.  If I didn’t have that daily jump-start I would probably wonder what kind of world we live in.  Do we live a world lacking creativity, lacking thought?  I have to think about how much of a girl I am being when my guy friends question me.  Am I being a Nancy?  A Sally?  A tenderfoot?  Am I living up to my name?  Who knows, but I am happy to talk with anyone, listen to anything interesting, possibly challenging, because it makes my day more interesting and less boring.  If I wasn’t into that kind of thought processing, that kind of quick quip, where I have to think about it, I would be in a deficit of thought.  This sort of banter is mind expanding and thought provoking.

America is being coddled, that is why our banks are turning into broke cry-babies and everyone is sad about politics.  Instead of a bottle of warm milk, or your mother’s teat to suffice your down-in-the-dumps attitude, why not grab a shot of whisky and a beer and pull yourself out of that dumpster?  Rising to the challenge is refreshing , even invigorating.  Try it sometime.  Or just buy more tissue.

Up to the challenge?

The challenge is understanding, understand?  Bullies want you to understand that we are on a level above animals; we have a mind to think with, so do it.  To say whatever we want whenever we want, with or without consequence.  If we do not do what is challenging then we just coast through life.  Accept the challenge and bully back, think about what is being said and have a laugh.  But please don’t take it the wrong way.  If we take everything the wrong way then it all seems wrong, but if we look at what may be, a problem in a different light, we may find that it is not at all a problem but an opportunity to be challenged.  We may possibly learn something about ourselves and others.

What about having fun?

Being a bully sometimes, in moderation, is fun.  I didn’t always get picked on, and I wasn’t always the victim.  There was some dork taking it before me, and before them.  Sitting in trash cans, getting stabbed in the ass with pencils, being pushed up against bathroom walls by some retarded redneck loser in front of his boys (confederate flags in hand).  After some time, as a right of passage (in high school and beyond), I became moderately cool, pretty confident, and interesting enough to command my own arsenal of disparaging allotments to friends, enemies, and anyone in earshot.

Social banter is fun.  Socializing is beneficial for your health.  These last ideas are real, and fun, if you take them that way.  If you do not socialize you die, if you socialize you live longer.  These ideas, I have read and taken an interest to, they make sense and it seems to make you smarter being around other people who talk trash.  You get new ideas, new passion, and hopefully a lot of new one-liners.  Joking around and laughing is the best part of life.

Bullying is here and always has been, but maybe we are just a bit more sensitive now, maybe a bit more likely to sue someone when we get upset about the little things in life.  As Heath Ledger once said, “Why so serious?”  I ask why?  Life is but a joke, or a dream, or at least supposed to be fun.  Why do people go and get their panties in a twist about a few moments of harassment?  I think it should be the other way around, someone is putting that much time and effort into you, paying that much attention to you, that they have centered their life around your flaws.  You should feel great.  Maybe they never got that from loved ones, parents, relatives.  They watch you like a star, they are so interested.  I think that is a beautiful thing, some people just have to see it as that.  It is not black and white, it is no color.  Stop labeling it.  When did people stop having fun?  There is no need for intervention, that makes it worse.  There is no need for violence, but some won’t hurt.  Kids will be kids.

No one makes you anything.  

Remember that.  Remember the only person that makes you anything is yourself, and the trusty people at Mc Donald’s making your Big Mac, Super Sized fries, and Mega Soda that tastes so sweet, they make you too.  These things make you, they make you keep your gut huge and your pride low and your blood pressure high, like you might think I am right now, but I am not.  They make you.  Nah, wait, actually you make yourself anything and everything you are.  No one else does that, so when someone says that call their bullshit.  Call em out.  Maybe call them a name and see what happens.  Push the envelope, open the door, put the ball in their court and see what they make of it.  Wait for their response before you talk.  Trust me.

Then I hear. 

What about internet bullying?  No one asked Eugene to use the internet.  The internet is fake because anyone can say anything at any time and really mean it or not really mean it, but there is no personal tag behind it.  You can’t see the person’s face.  Internet bullying is avoidable, don’t use the internet.  Also, if you have that much time to worry about words on the internet maybe you should be sad (Sorry, you are reading this).  Get a life, get a girl, get a job, move on, move out, read and grow up.  🙂

What about if bullying makes my child suicidal?  Nothing makes your child anything, maybe tell them to grow up or take karate and lay off the twinkies?  Why not go to the principle, talk to him, get all this attention brought to your child so they can be more easily singled out and take it from there, or just move him from school to school.  No, get him some ADHD medication that will work.  I am sure you will find the perfect fit.

I see a dad on television (CNN, no less) telling Anderson 360 that he is personally going to beat up children if they mess with his son again.  Who is the child now, who is out of line?  Who wants to go to jail for beating up kids?  Why?  Bullying happens, let it go dad.  Everyone is so sue happy and sensitive, I ask myself what would Ernest Hemingway do?

Remember when bar brawls didn’t end in lawsuits, or getting into a street fight didn’t mean going to jail, then counseling, and paying a fine.  A black-eye used to suffice, but now we got doctors, and lawyers, and judges, and police who need to make some cash.  Tickets and diagnosis.  Let’s blow up a huge story about bullying and link it to people trying to get famous; Columbine, Norway, and other people going crazy and taking people out.  Bullying is a lame excuse for sad, crazy, and depressed.  I think people can’t handle things anymore because they pity themselves too much.  The world is unfair, but its unfair for everyone.  That is the fair part.  Some people need to put on their big girl panties and take life as it comes.  Moan and move on.

Bullying is real, it has been, its been here before we were.  Bullying is needed and important.  Great leaders are bullies, little children are bullies, geniuses are bullies, dullards are bullies life goes on.  Join the crowd and enjoy the party.  Punish everyone for someone’s self-loathing.  Maybe thank someone for making fun, because they thought about it.  They put time into you.  I am just spinning it around for you.  Now, screw you! You suck, and tell your mom I said Hi.  🙂


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