Reading 101


Mollie said our Reading teacher wanted my nuts.

One time she came up to me in class, bent down, touched my thigh, and whispered to meet her after class.

I waited the whole period.  Mollie, my partner at the time, a cute redhead, left the class and waited for me in her car.

“Ms. Emma?”


“What was it?”

“Come to my office.”

I followed, she was wearing a grey skirt, not too high, not too low, and a tight black shirt.

She had librarian style glasses, thick black frames.

Her breasts were perfectly shaped, and large.  Her body was sculpted like a gymnast.  Her amazingly proportioned backside remained very present in her modest attire.

Her office was in the business building on the third floor (the business end, apparently), and the rooms in the hallway were dark.  Our class was over at 8 PM, so campus was desolate.

I followed her up the stairs from our basement level classroom.  Watching her calves extend and her hips move from side to side as she pulled herself up.  It was as though she were enticing me with intentional body movement.  Her little show.

She opened the door, motioned me in, and flipped on the lights…

“Sit down.”, she said.

“All right.”, I sat.

She walked to her desk sat for a moment, flashed her inner thigh as she crossed her legs, which she pointed towards me, and began to talk.

“So, what’s on your mind?”, she said authoritatively.

“Um, is my grade doing all right?”

“There is room for improvement.”


I pondered, last I checked I was getting an A.

She leaned forward, her breasts pressed to her desk.  She spread her fingers in front of her, moving papers toward me.  She put her hands over her head, stretched to a sigh of relief, arching her back, poking out her chest, then relaxing into her chair.  Love game yoga.  Yeah, right.  This isn’t happening.

She stared as I tried to gather something to say.

Her face looked more aggressive than ever.  Her eyes seductively combed the room, the door,( which was locked) and me.  Click.

“Nothing?”, she said inquisitively.

As I nodded in agreement she stood up from her desk, and began to pace the room.  She walked behind where I sat, once around her desk, and back again before she stopped right behind me.

The lights went off…

A moment later, after a zipping sound, something soft landed in my lap.  It was an article of female clothing, something precious, smelling heavenly, a brasier.

I sat in disbelief, in the dark, in anticipation.

I could hear her breathing.  She grabbed my shoulders and whispered,

“Never tell a soul.”

With out hesitation I exclaimed,


For the next 20 minutes, I cannot recall all the details, the lights remained off.  She had come prepared.  She hustled to a drawer in her desk and felt about, throwing things, articles crashing to the floor, for a condom.  She touched me, and then I felt every part of her.  Infrared would have been nice.

15 minutes later after the grunting, groaning, moaning, pulling and pushing, at last came the woman’s satisfied sigh-I sat-lights on in the visitor’s chair, pants to ankles and sweating.  I was soaked from something else as well.  I would never forget this lesson, I thought.  She was truly fit, her firm abdomen had graced my hands.  Now it was for all to see, right in front of me.  Her Clothes lay on the floor as I took it all in.

Underneath it all she smelled of Victoria Secret.  In reality she was not a modest teacher, just confident enough to have the dignity to wear clothes that didn’t disparage her intelligence.

She lay spread out like a centerfold desk-wise.  She looked even more seductive, but tired.  Her eyes were semi-shut and she sounded gushy when she talked.  A big thank you in paralanguage.  The ultimate ego boost, I loved it.

“Anything to say?”, She said.

“Our little secret.”-I couldn’t help but smile as I said that.

I made a zipping motion over my lips before I swallowed the imaginary key.  I then pulled my pants up, grabbed my bag and a piece of her outfit for souvenir (without her seeing), and started for the door.

She smiled up at me from her desk, still exposed, “Don’t forget to study.”

“Right, bye.”

When I got to Mollie’s car she started laughing.  I was beat red, covered in sweat, and my fly and belt were undone.  It was cold out and her car had been warmed up for some time.

“What happened?”, She said.

“Can’t say.”

I showed her the bits and pieces.

“Oh my God.”

“I know, love that smell.”  I said.

“She is jealous of me isn’t she?”

“She is now.”

I lit a cigarette and Mollie and I drove off into the dark December night.


And that is how I got an A in Reading.  Don’t put those books down, keep studying, and you too will get the grade you deserve.

*This story is truly a story, and maybe nothing more.  Names have been changed, except for one, to not put anyone in jeopardy.









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