Abolish All Marriage, Right Now!

51 percent of all marriages fail.

(That is my attention getter)

This is not a big deal.  I would gamble money on these odds.  I love horse races, and betting on them.

(This is sarcasm to enhance your perception of my knowledge)

Wait, no, that is all wrong.  I am not an idiot and I know statistics, so I would have to agree that:

Marriage is unlawfully biased to those entering into holy matrimony, and I believe it should be done away with immediately and permanently.

Personally, I believe the government is getting rich off of marriage, divorce, police assistance for domestic violence between spouses, and judicial fees.

Let’s limit big government’s blood-soaked fangs from our pocketbooks.

You wouldn’t need to pay a Divorce Lawyer if you weren’t married.  You wouldn’t need to pay a Divorce Court if you were just dating your partner (but that show is awesome!).  You wouldn’t be fined by the government for changing your mind, would you?

Seems more like a coincidence really.  Yeah, sure…

Seems like parking tickets aren’t paying the lighting costs in the Oval Office.

I have an idea, lets make marriage exclusive and expensive.  Then people will want it!

People just don’t see this, head in the clouds, obviously they are hippies, or gun enthusiasts, or both.  Fuck…  I hope not.

Let’s see, marriage is written about in the constitution, no wait…  Its written about in the Bible.  Wait…  They are the same thing, aren’t they?  Who cares?  Then marriage should be part of the law of the land.  Marriage is written about somewhere.  I know this!

I agree.

Besides, I haven’t heard of Separation of Church and State before, what’s that?  And who cares, God knows better.

Marriage as an institution is completely outdated.

Metaphor:  You wouldn’t want to be driving a Ford Model T down 35 W South, would you?  Today?  At like 5pm?  Really?  Shit’s outdated, dangerous.  Time to upgrade.

200 years ago when women were interested in becoming socio-economically sound, and presentable, the institution of marriage was the answer.  Now that women are well and capable of making (almost) as much money as their male counterparts they should have to fend for themselves.

I am a male and I am broke and poor, I need a husband.  Great idea.  Oh wait, I can’t do that.  F!

I believe in equality, and I think doing away with marriage would really show, rather then tell, what love is and what love isn’t.  We all don’t think, as a whole, that women aren’t capable of standing on their own, do we?  I believe women are smarter than men, and I also believe they are better off without them.

That is why I leave the toilet seat up,

because I know they know how to put that shit back down.  I would have to think about it, the toilet seat situation that is. I have fallen in the toilet so many times on account of thought process issues.  Life is hard.

Let’s show people what equality really is.

If you love someone you should be able to withstand being with them for the rest of your life, right?  Well, then why would someone who is in “love” need to be married to prove it (by proving it I mean by tying the knot), the idea of being in a partnership should exist without exchanging vows, without purchasing a fancy ring, it should go without witnesses, it should be a personal and sacred bond.

Marriage is starting to sound kind of vain.  What does The Bible say about Vanity?

All partnerships should be considered marriages.  The pressure to stay together after being labeled is overwhelming, I am certain overwhelming enough to drive people to madness, to kill, to violence, and to things even worse.

Its tradition!  Its tradition though!  Marriage is tradition.  Slavery was a tradition in the South in the 1800’s, Child Labor was a tradition in North America up until the early 1920’s.

And what happened to these things?

And was it for the better?

Marriage was around when these traditions were in existence as well (hint, hint).  This suggests something.  The marriage we know today seems a bit dusty.

There needs to be a change…

However, recently marriage has been put forth to be voted upon by the average novice citizen.  I believe this chance to vote on issues is fine, and well, but for the wrong reasons.  I say we should not only make it unconstitutional for same sex marriages to exist, but we should make it unconstitutional for all marriages to exist.

Make that amendment happen.

If two guys can’t marry two other guys and I can marry my cousin, then what does that say about the society?

If Mitt Romney can marry 7 women, and I can’t marry 7 guys then what does that say about America?

I think it says that America is unfair.

I said it.

Let’s look at the negative qualities marriage brings into a person’s life:

Marriage creates venues for adultery, spousal violence, divorce, rape, mental abuse, and situational oppression.

Limit your freedoms, yeah, that sounds like the America I love.

No American (with a brain and the ability to read) should be put through any of these offenses.

Also, who likes to have their wife yell at them about drinking too much, or their husband bickering about the amount of money they spend on shoes?

Check out the facts if you are interested,

(I won’t give you a site to visit because you will automatically assume it is biased, so just Google keywords marriage, divorce rates, and statistics on spousal violence, and/or spousal abuse, child neglect and direct causes.

Also, check out the rate of same sex marriages that end in divorce, in comparison to divorces between a man and a woman in states where specific same sex marriage laws apply.)

I believe I will vote Maybe in the November election because it would be one step closer to abolishing all marriage in this country.

My American flag hangs a little sadder knowing that the tyranny of marriage oppresses any American citizen.

It should be all or nothing.  I stand by that.

Who is with me?


About Terry Scott Niebeling

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One Response to Abolish All Marriage, Right Now!

  1. laurastir says:

    Terry, this is by far my favorite of all your blog postings. Well stated!! Difficult to argue for marriage after reading this! I loved it so much, I had to read it out loud to Robert. He says Happy Halloween!! Let’s eradicate relationship violence altogether by abolishing marriage, yay!

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