Word for Word…

Firstly, thank you Theresa.

I hope publishing happens at some point, but I understand, as a writer, you have to do certain things to achieve certain outcomes; however, I am only 25 years of age, it would be more advantageous for others to get published before me in 5 years since they are looking more into a retirement than I.

My retirement plan is relying on tips I make while working in the service industry and avoiding the birth of a child at all cost.


I have a few years to go though, so I will work jobs which others find undesirable.  It is one’s point of view that matters the most, keeps the engine going and such.  I rely on jobs, jobs rely on me.  We work. I still want a job where I sit on my couch watching classic movies and drinking excellent beer.

Publishing isn’t my main concern. I won’t quit my day job. My concern is that you know my name and what I do. I am 25, my name is Terry Scott and I write. Amazingly, now, you do. Am I head of my peers?

Just say it.

A name means something; recognition is key.

I also have a quasi-Marketing Degree.

Fortunately, some arguments on this thread make sense (I have no idea how, but they do).  I am speaking of all the posts, most make sense to those who make sense of them.  From day one, perception was the real idea behind the words.  A painting of words organized into whatever the reader likes…

Then I realized our minds are all different, so the occurrence of a different picture is inevitable.

This discussion reminds me of High School; I feel like I am about to graduate and a bunch of freshmen are banding together and ganging up on me, to no avail, because of a proposed suggestion that is not as linear as their thought process. Go through the grades and enlightenment may be achieved. Ironically, in this metaphoric High School the ages are reversed.  However, age does not, and will not matter.  What matters is drive.

Then you realize high school is just training you to work in a job putting boxes together, or selling retail merchandise that no one actually needs, or working 40 hours behind a desk.  I guess humans weren’t actually breed to be outside in the wild.

A person kind of loses interest…


Think outside of the box.

Old dog, new tricks thing. You know…

A book was opened, a word was read, and something new was put inside of my head.

Really though, I read on Jeffrey Dahmer, he worked at Ambrosia Chocolate Factory, he frequented gay bars in Milwaukee, WI.  And he drilled holes into people’s heads in hopes of creating zombie soulmates.

The popular gay bars were where he found most of his victims.  I will from now on frequent only dive bars, and gay bars off the radar.  The 19 Bar was fun for awhile.

But I don’t like chocolates and/or holes in my head all that bad.

From the few things I have said I may come across as straight forward, yet do we trust those hesitant at what they do?

No shame in that, no shit.

I write, I am true to self, I am not looking for an easy in, this is because I am passionate enough to get more out of writing and readership than money and stability. I am in already. If someone has a problem with a piece or some writing I do, good for that; however, it is unnecessary to come across as childish, brutish, or irrelevant to anything thoughtful.

Quick quips are old and used up. It is 2012. I can’t change who I am as a writer to meet needs, maybe it can be taught.  I would love to change everything to be like what others want; that’s my goal.

A stamp on a box, on many boxes.

I stated that writing is an art, and art is not to be defined, labeled, or restricted by the “rules” and the belief that certain forms are correct or incorrect. I meant that.

Art explained by an artistic friend:  A rectangle can be a box, but a box cannot be a rectangle.  Or was it a square?

The writing is in the details. Hint: Ditch the ads on your unpolished blog which hasn’t been updated since 98′, and do what you are passionate about, T-Man. You may sell more that way. Still, I don’t want to buy your ebook or any of your essays, maybe in a few years when I am done reading more interesting coloring books.

Don’t write on what everyone else is writing on, write about something interesting and unique to yourself. That may help your cause. Blah, blah, blah.

And I didn’t know my name was in a 70’s sitcom, I wasn’t alive then; my parents were though (maybe they named me after said character, or maybe my father named me after himself), I will ask them about it. Clever slight though. I love television. Make a reference about some 90’s shit if you want to remain relevant with my point of view, I kind of grew up then.  Google those programs.

T-Man, also (not to nitpick), the fallacies you use in your argument grossly misrepresent your age, sorry, man. Ad hominems and Red Herrings all over the place won’t work on most 18-25 year old males in the U.S. thanks to No Child Left Behind. Thank you Ms. Sandy, Grade 10, English Composition, La Crescent High School. Maybe reread what I wrote above, and then reread your rough draft of a rebuttal. Things may add up. I hope.

Unfortunately, you are in London, I am not sure what your education was like, but grab a spot of tea for me and honor the Queen. Read a book or two, fun activities like that. Maybe catch me on Minneapolisscene, or in your dreams.

I wonder if that rhymes, or makes any sense…

Years of journalling brings us to one question:

Can one be an amateur writer and a senior citizen? Can one be a dog?  I love rhetorical questions.

It feels good to be surrounded by real artists. I am thankful for Minneapolis and open-minded talent. How was Thanksgiving?  My name is Terry Scott, I am 25, and I am a Writer.

Keyboards are pressure sensitive.

We are all a little under pressure.

Here is where this all took place:  Linkedin.com


About Terry Scott Niebeling

Hello, My name is Terry Scott, a human being with flaws. twitter: @sirterryscott Buy my ebooks: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1/191-4788099-1818040?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=terry+scott+niebeling
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