Fantastic Minneapolis

????????????????????????????????Fantastic City:

Hopelessly searching for holes in bottles, good pay, and supermodels without getting swallowed by the weather and the delusional.

We come back home, closer to full-grown, the usual.

With more fashion, and more trend.  We talk of what’s on the radio with friends as they stream what we call local.

We try not to offend.

Homeless are out of sight until May, when do seasons begin?

Vested sidewalk sales artists stand in the way, hollering, inquisitively asking:  How’s your day?  Got a moment to pay?  Do you care about the environment?  Doing so much in so many ways.

Reply as usual with not really, no(!), or pass.

Walk by, look at the skyline; take in the trash.

Question: Why is it litter if we litter on litter?  These buildings are litter, right?  Just twisted metal, concrete, and wires made from dreams with a little foresight.  Seems we’ve missed the point.  Seems we don’t believe.  Seems we’ve become tired.  It just seems.

Looking down wondering what flows into to the gutter, above pigeons flutter a half-hearted mating ritual, channel in to discover.


Bike the streets in the sleet and snow, warm welcome.

Look both ways before you cross, look out below.


Back to simple, back to complex.

Back on a jet again to get set down in Twin Town, The Midwest.


Seen the world, some of it, been lost, been found listless insight was gifted.

There are a million cities similar to Minneapolis, but none are the same.

We walk the long road home under overcast skies and spring rain.


Here it is easy to understand, easy to stand, familiar land, and smile.

Take it all in for a while.

And then I realize I am happy with where I am.  With who I am by.  I understand why I try and who to rely.

Metro Transit passes and everybody waves.


Everybody walks head down smoking a cigarette making their way, time clock slaves.  Everybody bikes, drinks, and comes across as passive aggressive.  Everybody is active.  Everybody is reactive.  Everybody sees the setting and the blessing.  Realizing day after day that this might be the only way.  And that is why everybody stays. 


I love it too.


About Terry Scott Niebeling

Hello, My name is Terry Scott, a human being with flaws. twitter: @sirterryscott Buy my ebooks:
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One Response to Fantastic Minneapolis

  1. laurastir says:

    Very nice, Terry! I think it’s funny that you say your a health advocate in your “About Terry” section. Maybe you could say environmental advocate…which is loose, cause what type of environments would you be advocating. Ok, I need to go to bed. Good post, like the rhyming. Peace 🙂

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