A Comment On Being Overworked Kills Our Minds



A Comment On Being Over Worked Kills Our Minds 

By Terry Scott Niebeling

People are only stuck if they believe they are stuck, bio-feed works the same as placebo; If you think you are stuck then you are truly stuck.  Take those mind pills and start fuckin’ believin’, friend.  I said friend because you are.

Like, getting a shitty job, or expensive loans, or a fancy car didn’t just happened to us, there was a thought process.  We did things (knowingly) to get to where we are.  We see these chain-of-events and their outcomes, and we must learn.  I touch a hot pan and I burn my hand, I learn.  I know if I get another credit card I will probably plan my suicide a little more extensively, specifically to avoid the debt collector’s phone calls.  One has to project this while making decisions.

I am personally pumped to be in debt for purposes such as a higher education, and alcohol abuse.  I don’t want to be an assistant server/dishwasher/cook for the rest of my adult life.  As they say, jack-of-all-trades, master of none.  I want to master something.

I think being a career student is probably the best thing anyone can do in these times, plus, fuck being micromanaged and not having insurance.  If you get a Master’s Degree you will never get micromanaged again (ever), and I am assuming your insurance will be tits, like big nice ones.  Shit, I could probably go to Grad School for free, and get paid for being a TA (they apparently make bank), and still have time to worry, or not worry about my debt.  I know for a fact I will be eating at some point today, so I can smile about that.

In any unpleasant situation I always think, hey, at least I’m not on the Titanic, or burning alive…  Or imagine something worse then what’s going on in front of you.

Now all of this sounds pleasant, but what it comes down to is thinking outside of the box.  Basically maintaining and controlling the perceptions of our reality; for instance, that’s not a car accident, that’s an environmentally progressive statement, one less car is better for the world.  Right!

Maybe ask the guy working the fries at Mc Donald’s how he got there, and then do the opposite of his answer.  That way you might avoid working at Mc Donald’s.  Not that that is bad, BTW.  Maybe you aspire to work at such an establishment.  I have.

What I find incredibly interesting is that people think they have to do things:  I have to do this, I have to do that, and so on.  No one has to do anything literally.  There are options, like don’t go to work, or find something better, something you enjoy.  However, there are consequences for taking risks (like not going to work, which could result in you becoming a homeless crack-head) as well.  It’s all about how you (well, not you personally, you are motivated, you read), but how others become, well, trapped in a mindless job, and how they get out of it.  Well…

Also there is the argument that the guy driving a taxi actually likes driving a taxi and it makes him motivated to create things and he isn’t dying.

I tell people I don’t want another shit job because I already have two shit jobs.  Look beyond your comfort zone.

The key to not getting stuck, or to avoid getting stuck in the future, I believe, is understanding that the more you do outside of work i.e. your passion, the better chance you will have of actually making that your career.  Passion will eventually take over.  If you truly love, or truly enjoy photography, or writing, or acting, or telling jokes, and you keep doing it eventually you will be able to supplement your lifestyle with your passion.  This is where the actual(s) weed out the fakers.  No way a faker is going to do something they are not passionate about forever to make money, because if they do then they were true fakers.  The seams will bust.

I figure if I write a million things, I will eventually be read by a million different people and be recognized as a writer.  Maybe they know someone who needs a writer and has a lot of money.  One can see where this is heading.  This is a linear equation and it’s about saturation, passion, and talent, but eventually things work out how they are supposed to.  If I know everyone then everyone will know me.

Evolutionary Psychology is probably the most plausible theory ever.

The people who become stuck are the ones that don’t take risks, or give up.  The best motivation for becoming unstuck would be to understand that underemployment is a waste of talent, and moreover a waste of time.  And the worst thing you can waste is talent (As A Bronx Tale once told), and time.  We are all limited.

I believe that.

P.S. You forgot to mention the Minnesota weather.

P.P.S.  I like your piece, Lilly.  You are a talented writer and you have fresh ideas.



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