Fresh Ideas: On Capitalism and College

SONY DSCWhat I’ve learned from life is to learn from life.

On Mockery:

I see what others do, I watch, and I know my skill-level.

I will imitate, mimic, and progressively become better than my opposition, like a human virus set on achieving goals in society today; the theoretical brain vs. the theoretical virus.  Stealing ideas is nothing new.  What I learned in college is this: there is no originality only authenticity.  If only my contemporaries had better ideas to steal.  #Fuck.  Now that I think of it, they might be stealing from me…

If I out write everyone, then eventually most will have read my words.

If I know everyone, then eventually everyone will know me.

If I do neither, then eventually I will remain the same.

These are just some ideas.

One cannot possibly make it to a cake job without a four-year-degree, no matter their skill-level.  I am talking 70K, dental and shit, massive insurance coverage, savings, and the like.  This is how society has been set up.  We pay money for proof-for a piece of paper that states we have seen, done, and experienced such criteria.  But what about real life experience?  There is no paper or final exam for heartbreak, personal achievement, or mental fulfillment…  What of truly just being happy?  What of truly knowing?

Who knows?

That degree will hang proudly collecting dust, and accolades, in some office somewhere.  The owner will reflect and intrigue on past achievements to all ears and eyes in proxy.  This will go on for about 2 weeks and then a new goal, or no new goal, will occupy the scholar’s thoughts.  Success will be measured by a piece of dead tree, a small part of a desecrated forest, some dabs of ink, and a bit of time (approx. 4 years of life, and some time in a print-shop), and actually more paper, or rather cotton, in tuition fees.  I liken it to owing something to owing something-it is a pretty cyclical endeavor.  It makes sense though, for institutions and teachers and publishers, and capitalists.

It makes things happen.  You wake up to turn on the morning radio show to it, making coffee and eggs to it in a hot sticky summertime kitchen.  You remember your dead relatives as they did something for it; maybe it was war, maybe it was a dismal job with trivial meaning.  Maybe it was something great.  Maybe you are well off.  So, maybe you don’t know.

Listen, I have an idea.  I go to the library.  I study for four years, and what do I get out of it in return?

I’m talking about knowledge, real knowledge-no paper, just knowing things about things.

Say I go to a place of interest in regards to the subject I was studying.  Will I get hired standing next to the guy who wrote a paper or two, a few years back with a plaque on his wall?


Truly disparaging.

This is knowledge.

I say skill over credentials any day, but is that a paradox?

Times we now live in.


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