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1:54 PM (5 hours ago)

to ‪me‬

Heavy raindrops pelted the concrete in front of where I rode on my trek to the office this morning.  The weather was not humid, a touch cold, as the radio personality turned meteorologist had stated earlier.  Ah, the weather.

Skies above hung diverse as night and day, reflective blue-grey on occasion to my front and left.  I wonder if they could have predicted this.  On my right, a low raincloud traveled in opposite direction as I, we almost converged, crossing paths; however, I was much lower in the spectrum when compared to the atmospheric mass, and I had much more in thought process.  This road, these fucking cars; I wish more people knew how to drive.  Clouds just precipitate, and transpire.  Little thought I imagine.

My scope was on the level of commuter vehicles, less than five feet from the surface of the street.  My thoughts were of the future, five minute from now, no more.  I would then be walking up to a brick building, checking my reflection in cars.  Ow, I look nice.

After locking my bike to a signpost I would sling my messenger faded green bag behind my back and cross a street to said cars reflective glass and my mirror image.  I would take account of a man wearing a Nascar hat and I would grab my phone.  Take a photo, think of a clever tweet.  I would nod to him and pass.  I would walk up to the building as I do, admiring how many stairs of which I would be subject to climb.  The posters hang, almost tattered, in view as I catch my breath.  Smoking is bad.  Smoking is very, very costly on health and on the bank account.

Hello, I am here.  What’s up?


Days of the week, as I have read of recent, start at daybreak.  Sun up.  One would not want to waste the light God, or whatever higher being has created.  Possibly it was Science.  Then again, chemistry freaks me out.

The radio emits the same call as before, one of uncertainty, avoidance of any conclusion.  Do I bring a jacket?  Do I bring my sunglasses? This illusion eludes my decision making process.  Eventually, and by chance, I bring both.  Shades have not been drawn on this morning, no light comes in to our one room apartment, I am barely dry front a recent shower and my stomach is still digesting Grape Nuts and Coffee.  WTF?

I’d say this August day is mundane at most, and beautiful at least.

Midwest modesty can take one far.  Contrast in this crowd is stark though.  I would say I know you and you know me.  I would say we know we.  But we do.  Maybe.

Things are the same everywhere.  Insurance is the same.  Money is the same.  Bills are the same.  But it is different.  All the same, those are similarities.

I would be Kurt with you, but I am Terry.  So, I guess I won’t be Frank either.  Thanks.

I would say I am in debt.  I would say I owe $30,000.  However, who makes money real?  I believe that someone in the trillions of dollars in debt is more in debt than I am.  I believe that person is the government.  So, looking at it from this angle (the one above), I don’t feel so bad about things.  I vote we vote them out of office so they can get a job and pay back what they owe.

And honestly, whenever I say I am researching something it just means I am staring at whatever’s been set in front of me.

And now:

I walked to the door in a stained wife-beater and black skinny jeans, so very tight you could see a bulge.

Pizza Delivery Guy:  You got the money?

Me:  You got the boxes?

We exchange items.

And, boom, the transaction happened.



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