The Perplexing Idiot

SONY DSCThe perplexing idiot does not fuck around. There is conviction. They exist all day every day at all times. They are punctual. They need not be asked. They are one hundred percent always. They are. The perplexing idiot is a guy or a girl or young or old, there is no discrimination. They are ubiquitous. They tell you how to live, they tell you not to be bold. They say, ‘stay secure’, ‘stay on track’; they say ‘get a career’ and ‘only exist on tradition’. Not expressed in those words. One must say fuck that. The perplexing idiot has stayed the same, has done nothing new or original, and done so in fixed ways- they do not progress, evolve, or earnestly live. They sit, stand, and stay- not unlike a loyal dog. What they lack in creativity they make up for with boring nods, “meaningful” small talk, allegories of straight lines they’ve walked, but never crossed. That considered, naturally, they do however speak. The perplexing idiot has “done”, “seen”, and “heard”, but what the perplexing idiot hasn’t “done” is explored diverse worlds. What some call experience, there is no experiment. The perplexing idiot is as arrogant as they are not transcendental (meta) –actualized or realized. To the perplexing idiot that idea is terrifying, but only in the purest sense. Orthodoxy is God to the perplexing idiot, everything else is wrong. The perplexing idiot is afraid to stand out, fail down, or let up. They remain hard in their ways. They see what they label as just that; just that, as a fact. “Just” speaks volumes in such a sentence. The perplexing idiot won’t like this. I know that, but I could be wrong. I know I am wrong, but that would only be right. Don’t be a perplexing idiot, really be one. Branch out before you fade out… And then you’ll have to ask yourself questions like, ‘what was my perplexing idiotic life about?’ I suppose it wasn’t so bad. We are all perplexing idiots. It’s all about realizing it, relatively. Really—maybe—probably—not—IDK; how could one know anyway? ‘What the fuck could one possibly know’? What would be the difference? Speak is to wind, as action is to begin. What was just said?
Never do as you are told,
Never call this number: 7632345472


About Terry Scott Niebeling

Hello, My name is Terry Scott, a human being with flaws. twitter: @sirterryscott Buy my ebooks:
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