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192879_10150251550197051_4848268_oUtilizing resources seems to be the difference between those who struggle and those who don’t, only to succeed. Wasting time and not knowing facts on issues runs rampant in the States. We live in a society where there is separation of church and state, yet the currency we are partial to suggests in bold letters: IN GOD WE TRUST. This may seem a bit hypocritical and wrong, but this morning I found out where my tax dollars were going: to Russia, to Israel, to the Mexican border. What say do I have?

The whole idea that the U.S. is run by those who don’t actually care about the people who vote them into office is merely a suggestion. I got my idea from the news. It was from an unbiased coverage of an event from multiple pundits, which most people don’t really get. That is just an assumption though, I believe there are people who get their news from more than one resource; there are those who bank at two different banks; drive two different cars; wear two different shoes; and there are those who diversify their interests in play. Why not?

The radio has shown me, NPR/MPR specifically, that random diversity keeps life interesting, especially entertainment-wise, information-wise. These broadcasts fight against the monoculture which is corporate radio, ad-laden leaders of selling whatever shit they can push. I am sick of the cacophony of noise promoting this and that, while avoiding things that I actually care about.

MPR changed me a bit these last few days. While cooking lunch I found my thoughts going from Chocolate to Ebola, from Credit Unions to Gaza, Ukraine to Russia, and then on to women in leadership roles. What more could I ask of the news?

I was baffled at where I had been in 15 minutes, from jokes on politicians and fake campaigns to conversations about new ways of education, sans a teacher. Moreover, striking insight on death, nightmares, and burying corpses that have been lying in the African heat for 3 days.

The night before I was fortunate enough to catch a Ted Talk on MPR in relation to leadership; the speaker, Drew Dudley, spoke on how leadership is about doing something that is being done right now, but making it your own, by doing it better and in a different way.

I find this interesting when considering the web(internet), ubiquitous as it is, this mass media outlet; we have a plethora of complaint, ads, sales, judgment, lies, and misleading content to contend with. How does one weed out the truth from fiction, the fact from false? I would say as the plants and Mother Nature do, by utilizing all of the resources available; by turning your radio dial from Cock Rock and buzz-word ads to non-profit news organizations inspired by presenting objective material- details that matter. Interpretation can be misleading as well, so use the internal resource of intuition and logic to help you better decide.

The more viewpoints you utilize the better viewpoint you gain.

And that is why I always watch Fox News right before I get objective perspective. I’m not running for office or promoting someone who is…  Sorry, I’m more concerned with Temperance Laws from Prohibition times existing in 2014, interfering with my ability to vote with my dollar (Sunday sales of liquor/beer in MN), world peace, urban gardening, the legalization of Marijuana (in a world of legal narcotics; western medicine: big pharma), and Equal Rights, not necessarily in that order.  But no one is talking about that stuff…  They are crying over keyboards trying to crunch ads in between small print and meta-photos, stressing about hits, this and that.  Reality is out there, open your eyes.  I am having fun, I just got new frames.


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  1. laurastir says:

    We have control over our own personal consumption of stuff; what we listen to, what we watch, leisure activities, stuff we eat… or does that stuff consume us?

    read this:

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