How to Save One Hundred Dollars, and Your Dignity.

Waking up the stiff rusted scarecrow proper. I need oil like the world needs space. Stop touching me it says, take your pipes and machines from out of me. As fall has come in it brought with it achy bones and sore muscles and nose colds, head torn amiss. This severed clever no better.

Rain hits coats (partial waterproof material) and beads, avoiding entry by not seeping through. A constant rise and fall; sound of the alarm clock, hand above falling down, back and neck from bed pulling head falls- sucking down water until we drown. That falls to stomach; cur-plunk!

And they said it was going to be hard, these things which are so easy. Believing and doing concurrently is equal to pressure releasing immediately; one can solve problems independent of organizations, associations, merely with self-motivation and creation. Thinking is the help. Thinking is the help. Bring only good questions out. Solve with resolve. Reliant on you. Positive thoughts overpower doubt.

He said sixty bucks, a while back. I called and it was different, something like $200. Stop by… Whenever. No, no, no, that seems wrong he said. I wouldn’t do it. What do you think it is? They are overcharging you! Really?! Yes… You can do this on your own, at home. I don’t know. You replaced the ignition in your Camaro; you took apart an engine in mid-winter and put it back together so you could make it to work the next day- you are no beginner. I did that with a six-pack next to me (gone when done) in negative ten degree weather. How soon we forget our triumphs.

He was at a restaurant after a christening of my kin, he took my call. Staring blankly in the mirror watching candles flicker, I agreed. Yeah… Plants caught the sun, as it was Sunday. I thought God, I can’t wait. Just one light, one bleep, one thought, and now this. The voice on the phone was invaluable, I needed nothing more. Just give people good advice. Modern progress of sorts.

All you have to do is Google search the video. You can find it. There is an exact video for the exact problem you are now facing. You just have to look.

Have we in America always been drawn to the easy way out, or is that just a new occurrence? I want to get my hands dirty. I want to rely on me.

Think, search, find; problems solved.

That is how you save one hundred dollars, and your dignity.


About Terry Scott Niebeling

Hello, My name is Terry Scott, a human being with flaws. twitter: @sirterryscott Buy my ebooks:
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