Someones Matter/Ant Farm

God the Seagull.

God the Seagull.

One time there was a time, it was modern and equal. It was one time—that’s a date. Someones thought of something, a grand scheme. Someones are unique individuals, everyone. They thought of streets and cars and oil and gas and stores and foods and jobs and homes and positives.

Then those someones knew other people who thought they were pretty much all the same, except for color (some were purple and pink, etc.), for gender (some had dicks and others had Va JJs and both), for age (alert, astute, and senile), for caste (starving artists and Donald Trumps). There was nothing that wasn’t not different about them, it took them time to notice this at first on picture boxes, power people, and talking heads.

They decided they should all get along, so they did—for a time, one time—that’s a date. Then someones else came along and made an organization—the big fuck-all sort—and that split everyones up—made some someones feel inferior, made other someones feel great, and so it began. So it goes. The war of separation.

One group of someones made items that symbolized worth, they meant wealth and power (power people). Other someones worked long days to attain these said important items, and that wealth, while the other someones with the items passed them out sparingly.

By this one time these someones got perturbed. Both groups of someones hated one another in special ways, and the other groups of someones—someones that were less important hated the other groups even more. There was no limit to the amount of someones’ hatred, respectively.
No one got along, they could not relate to other someones. It was a great time though for some, one time—that’s a date. Everyone thought it was their day, their moment to get ahead, to shine, while stepping on other someones to get their leg up.

One day, another time, a few of these someones realized that this whole framed foundation, this system of someones was just set against everyone being someones together. These someones begged and begged people to see it for what it was, and nothing happened.
More confusion, more picture box, more talking heads, more facts without proof, baseless believed, and power people.

Groups of someones kept contrasting groups, aligning while separating, generally categorizing, and every someone hated every other someone, of course. This lasted for sometime and then someone else thought about it more, they thought about it for all someones…

It was a deep long thought, one to be remember, but in turn it was completely forgotten when passion flared and difference was found. All the someones forgot and kept fighting for themselves.

Nothing ever changed, the only thing to do was to ignore it all. Every someone was ignored for the highest bidding someother someones. Because the more a group of someones thought the more difference they found in themselves with the other someones, and that was how the ant farm fell apart. The someones were so much the same it was all incest and cannibalism.


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