How Moodle is Excrement

The most confusing thing to me is when people try to fix things that aren’t broken.  Sure, things could be a bit better.  Sure, it might make the situation easier.  

But now, it’s as if huge corporations have forgotten the saying, essentially, the grass is always greener on the other side.

This time Moodle, the University of Minnesota’s database, has completely fucked up, and the grass has turned brown.  

The interface for the U’s site has taken a step back.  The user-friendly experience is non-existent, and there are more “glitches”–or more so called “problems”, than what journalists have to talk about on CNN.

Accordingly, I found out last night that one of the classes I am taking overlaps with another class I am taking.  

It is necessary for me to take both of these classes in order to graduate at the end of fall semester.

The University’s registration system, which is basically the new MyU site, which is foundationally linked to Moodle–and whoever the fuck makes that, completely missed this err.

Now on a Tuesday night I fret over my schedule like a dope fiend over a spoon.  

I write emails, I explain myself, though I find it sort of ironic that the class that overlaps is a Career Planning course…

I wonder if they will factor this in and allow, or if they will tell me to fuck off and get in line…  

The never ending saga of college.  It will never end as long as it’s not free.  I wait for that green grass.


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