Sleeping to Death

Going to class does not necessarily make you any smarter than anyone else in the world. What people fail to realize is that in order to gain something of quality, to progress as a person beneficially, to actually learn, they have to pay attention, care, be interested, and try. Not just show up and play the part of a cardboard cut-out. You/they have to try.

Even if you fail trying it is important. Yeah, sure, everyone says this same shit—the ol’ college try, but how often do they actually try? Maybe if they tried they would suck at something for years—thought still care about it, though still put the time and effort into doing it. Then some day it would happen. The general aspirations they were going for would come to fruition. Exactly what they wanted to happen would happen, and exactly nothing would happen…

And this happening does not have to be a paradigm shift–an awakening(!), or some sort of righteous epiphany. It could just be the idea that people actually care about something you have created or done. It could be that you actually enjoy what you did/do. It could be that that idea makes you truly happy, and have nothing to do with anyone else but you. This happened to me while biking the other day. I love what I’ve been doing (failing or not), I almost cried…

But, you say, there aren’t quotes around any words, and all of this stuff carries ideology, and some of it doesn’t make sense, like the part where nothing happens at the end… Well, it does and it doesn’t.

Being successful has nothing to do with money, or other people’s or institution’s opinions, and everything to do with how you feel inside.

Do you feel good? Did you try and fail? Great! You are one step ahead, one step closer to achieving your goals than the lot of people who are too scared to step in front of an audience and try at words into a microphone, or paint on canvas with a brush, or print words in a book, or place the best line in a joke.

By failing miserably you are better than those same people who could talk for hours about what they will do and not spend one second doing it.

I’ll quote myself and say, “Talking about an action does not perform said action.”

To get back to it, going to class does not make you any smarter, or better, or wiser than anyone else. You have to try. You have to fail. You have to actually be a part of life, this life—not the life in your cellphone, not your life on the internet, not your life stuck in what the media tells you you should be sticking your life in to.

It’s all about now, but that is cliché–you can’t say that enough, but Vonnegut said through Reddit today to do it, to me. He begged me to write something I care about, simply. So I did.

I care about doing things and taking something away from that act. I don’t care about acting like I will do something. Whether it be standing in front of a crowd of people, or in front of a mirror, or at the supper table, and completely failing, or having those around me think I am crazy. What matters is that I take something away from it.

So, instead of talking shit about how something is horrible, or how you are going to do something when you get the time, next time(!), to do something, or you are going to make that hard decision later, or tomorrow, just get up and do it now.

(I just thought of Shia LaBeouf.)

If you don’t like where you are right now, fucking walk out! Because when you die in your sleep tonight you won’t have tomorrow to achieve your goals, or the scholar status you feign to achieve by appearing in class and not saying a goddamn word while you try not to get busted texting your BFF. That is more fact than fiction. I care.


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