Be Thankful

SONY DSCToday is Thanksgiving day.  This means that I am thankful for everything.  And I am incredibly thankful for that.  Also, mainly, I am especially thankful for my new family, and our baby son.  Tho… Yesterday, I wasn’t so thankful for leaving them for work.  But then I thought again, tomorrow would be Thanksgiving, I am thankful for everything.  What a wonderful time of year.  What a holiday, America.  I am nothing but thankful.  I got out the door.

Today, I will most likely eat way to0 much and try to say too little.  I am thankful for that.  This year we all can’t say much without saying too much about malarkey like politics, proper language, and particularly easy labels, which are everywhere–thrown around like baseballs (America), without offending everyone.  You got to watch that and make sure to not be too thankful for your freedom of speech, because, as I am told it only protects you from the government, not idiots, because of offensiveness.

Today is a day to reflect yesterday, America.  Yesterday, Target was a zoo, lines longer than the mind could handle.  Yesterday, Walmart was fucked for their photo developing station is a box on the ground which magically develops your film in about 2 weeks, left marginally open.  I’ll pass.  But all the staff was mostly friendly, smiling.  Everyone looked wide-eyed concerned about tomorrow, bittersweet happiness.  It wasn’t so bad.  I love the culture and people trying to do what they have to do.  Trying to be their best.  I was doing the same, thankfully.  I dropped my receipt and picked it up on the wet ground in dim light.

I am thankful for everyone on the train yesterday listening to music on speakers attached to their bodies or phones, not in earphones.  They provided the party.  I would provide my family with Broccoli.  It was almost like the Westside Story of Metro Transit.  I am thankful nothing happened.  The two most concerning DJs spoke about locations as their tunes drown out all communication those coordinates.  It was nice to get off the train at the next stop.  I am thankful for the cold walk in fresh snow, even with holes in my favorite shoes.

There is nothing better, or more American than Thanksgiving.  And you can probably bet that president-elect Donald Trump won’t change that, because of pilgrims.  He won’t change most of the world, anyway, but use your grand imaginations.  I know, life is boring for many.  That’s life again.  I am thankful for winning some and losing some and finding out from this election season that if you disagree with people then they will find you a “bad” person with labels, generously provided by the media, that their educations couldn’t handle.  (No thoughts.)  Because they don’t understand language or themselves, so they try to define others in such mainstream and cheap ways.  I thought I had artist friends; now I find my only artist friends in the mirror.

No big deal.  Still I am thankful.  I am thankful for cutting much of the negative out of my life.  And replacing it with positivity, honest critique, and smiles.  I am thankful for getting away from what has been coined “progressive privilege” by some guy in St Paul, because labels tell us nothing.  (But this made me think.)  I can agree with this theory, because others have agreed with the far less believable and told others to agree with them.  I told my wife yesterday that it was the best Letter to the Editor I have ever read, cut it out and posted it on the fridge.  I am thankful for that.  This was after a shot of Windsor, two Downtown Browns, and shoveling and salting the sidewalks like a good citizen.  Really, it was amazing.

Outside last night while making the neighborhood paths safe again, just before our big holiday, I watched silhouettes of thin naked trees scrape at purple evening overcast and thought of old friends, and my late father, of which I haven’t spoken to in some time.  I thought of how proud I am to have such diversity in my life.  Thought of what my dad would say–anything.  Thought of how we would shovel drives and walks in and around La Crosse, WI each year when I was a little boy.  (And now I have one.)  Because that was how he paid the bills and kept us warm.  I am thankful for that, and my family present that was over last weekend.  Because that is life, not what people tell you call it.  It is what you do  and what others don’t that make you more special, and better, because you are.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, there is nothing not to be thankful for.  To those prancing in safe bubbles and those stomping without restraint, I am thankful for you.  You act as props in the theatre around me, you define me as apathetic no more.  I am happy today for the conversations I am able to have and the ideas that I am still able to share without filter or judgement.  I am incredibly thankful, and you should be too!  You are alive!  And problems are pluses too because they offer you the chance to solve them.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Chris Gunderson says:

    Very nice Terry! I always enjoy reading your pieces!

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