This page is purely for donation purposes.  I am going out on a limb, considering I realize that most artists who publish waste paper, and most artists who have a publishing house get screwed.  I don’t write for financial compensation, I write because I enjoy writing-out of passion.

I am setting up this page for the purpose of allowing fans/readers to donate to my writing endeavors.  I hope that if you take the time to read my work and enjoy my art as much as I do, that you will take the time to help me continue my pursuits.

I hope that my writing has inspired you to read, and to teach others the importance of reading.

As a “starving artist”, a spreader of words, art, poetry, and truth (sometimes), I do not make a living wage (off of my writing).  If you like my work and you feel inspired to contribute to my cause, please donate here:

Small Donate Button

If not, I thank you so much for reading and sharing the work I love.

Vielen Dank!


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